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Perfect Circles – Chi Energy, Electrons, & You!

Recently I ran across a past article published by Wired Magazine that blew my mind.  I had an “aha!” moment that put a great many things into perspective, and once again,  caused me to reach out to Sifu Jones to not only thank him, but to let him know that once again, science has sided with him and proven his concepts correct.

For the past 10 years, the scientific community has been trying to measure the “roundness” of the electron’s sphere and it’s effects on magnetic and electric fields.

According to the article Electrons Are Near-Perfect Spheres:

To be precise, the electron differs from being perfectly round by less than 0.000000000000000000000000001 cm. To put that in context; if an electron was the size of the solar system, it would be out from being perfectly round by less than the width of a human hair.

Also, according to the article Magnetic and Electric Fields:

If a proton (or other positive-charged body) is placed near these two charged objects, the proton will be attracted to the negative object, which has excess electrons, and simultaneously repelled from the positive one, which is missing some electrons. The total force acting on the proton is a measure of the electric field that the proton is exposed to. The direction of the force that acts on the proton is the same as the direction of the electric field and the strength of the force is proportional to the strength of the electric field.

and the article Electron is surprisingly round, say Imperial scientists following ten year study:

The researchers are now planning to measure the electron’s shape even more closely. The results of this work are important in the study of antimatter, an elusive substance that behaves in the same way as ordinary matter, except that it has an opposite electrical charge.

Now when it comes to healing chi energy and electrons here was my ‘aha’ moment. For those of us cultivating energy with Sifu Jones’ training you are already engaged in a circular method we know as the  School of Chi Energy cornerstone, I also am quite certain a light bulb went off in your mind as well.  The School of Chi Energy Student and Instructor knows that the various chi energy exercises of cultivation is the main Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise which is a circular flow pattern.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with a circular method of cultivating energy then you find that all the School of Chi Energy exercises are all designed with an amazing circular precision. With this type of circular method it is mind boggling to think that we have access to this information at our fingertips to cultivate circular energy in form that is found in science.

This was an important re-discovery for me since it supported cultivating chi in this circular way. The circular cultivation energy method is designed to help up harness our own bioelectromagnetic energy or biophotons in the very way that is circular in nature for the electron itself.  In short, Sifu Jones’ circular method makes it easy for the student to harness, engage, manipulate and control the very building blocks of the Universe. For those of you already developing your chi related capabilities but via a different system, I behoove you to look into the merits of this circular method, and the science upon which it is built.

In the interim, be well; be mindful.
Sifu Don Brown [Certified Instructor at the School of Chi Energy]

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  1. I am wondering if what i can see is this that you talk about. A few years ago i noticed what looked like a weird form of static coming from my hands”finger tips mostly” in certian low level lighting. The first time i saw it i was reaching to flush the toilet and with my hand atleast one foot from the handle there was what looked like static lighting from tesla ball from my fingers too the handle. From that moment it seemed i had some unkown ability to see something amazing. I began too work on learning how to focus my eyes so as too see this energy better. At one pointe i noticed sometimes it would be in diferent colors “yellow,orange,blue,,,,,” and what looked like tiny sparks ?. I practiced allot and became really good at creating a ball of static with my hands forming a circlermotion. I also could make the lines of static dance or tornado like motion betweeen my hands and the ground,and the same towards the ceiling” when i was doing it upward the lines of static looked more like ivey or electromagnitic lines of static , the static i noticed would be 2feet – 5feet in length as it danced from my fingers .
    I have been able to do alot of visial experiments that just seem crazy. I also can see this static in all living things ,wife,dog,grass,trees. It is great to know that i am not alone. My journy to learning about my sight is important too me . I beleive it is a gift and want too learn about it . It found me ,now i need to learn why?
    Thankyou for a response to my ability,
    Tim Wearley

    • Hello Tim,

      Thank you for your comments and questions about the chi energy article and your chi energy sensitivity.

      Yes, you have experienced and recognized this electrical magnetic energy first hand. Some strange stuff occurs when it comes out in the way that it does. In order to build up the electrical “biophotons” to experience health and extreme abilities for practical application, then you need training. Perhaps this may be the School that you choose for your chi energy journey.

      Bioenergy which are really biophotons from the body’s nerve fibers are of a electromagnetic nature. Sometimes when you experience these strange events they can give you a emotional roller coaster ride due to the heat fluctuations from the electrical load. This can leave you either drained or tired or hyped up. Our School teaches how to build up the nerve fibers in a safe way a little at a time to handle this type of energy with practical applications.

      To learn more here is Sifu Jones lectures on the School of Chi Energy Method:

      Or to learn more about the monthly classes: http://www.chienergyheals.com/school-of-chi-energy-curriculum-e-book/

      Another great listen is the students and instructors testimonies: http://www.chienergyheals.com/chi-energy-heals/

      If you are interested in the School of Chi Energy and how to build up high amounts of energy in a safe manner, then I can arrange a call for you to talk with Sifu Cicero. Please email us back with good days and times that you would be available.

      Thank you,
      Chi Energy Support /Paul

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