The School of Chi Energy’s Nerve Fiber Building Exercise


The School of Chi Energy teaches students how they can build up large quantities of bioenergy in a safe manner.

Chi Energy Students are able to reach the higher levels in energy cultivation by learning a specially designed energy exercise called, “The Nerve Fiber Building Exercise“. Chi Energy Students learn these type of energy exercises in order to perform healing or extreme abilities.

Click to download this 20 minute mp3, called  The Nerve Fiber Building Exercise seminar.

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  • Learn how students perform this Energy Exercise to increase the size of their body’s nerve fibers, which helps the body to release more bio-electricity.
  • Listen how the regular practice of this exercise lead students to have more chi projecting abilities than ever before.
  • Learn how our students avoid bad side effects through using the right approach to building up energy in their own body.
  • Find out why most energy systems don’t talk about pheromones or your body’s immune system and/or how energy work can directly affect them.

Please visit The School of Chi Energy for more information about this unique nerve fiber building method.


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