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The Dantien and Chi Energy

A Chi Energy Question from a person who is interested in knowing “Could you please define Chi for me?   Where and how does dantien come into play?

The Two Sifus Answer:

“Chi” or life force energy is actually bio-photons that follow along your body’s nervous system or nerve fibers. Even though they are a form of light, they also have an electrical-magnetic component to them. That electrical component of the bio-photon or chi helps it to follow the nerve fibers or the electrical part of your body’s nervous system. Our energy exercise called the nerve fiber building exercise shows you how by simply performing this particular exercise regularly, you can strengthen your own body’s nerve fibers causing them to be able to produce, carry & project more of the bio-photons or chi energy. We then show students that go to our school, how these extra bio-photons or chi can be used to perform high level energy techniques.

The dan tien  or chi point is explained as a power point that stores up chi energy in most energy systems. It is an area located a couple inches below your stomach’s belly button area. Some systems tell you to use a hard breath and a focused mind to cultivate energy there, but it will lead to your body going through bad side effects if you do it that way. In our system you will learn why trying to work on individual power point areas like the dan tien is a bad idea. We teach students to build up their entire nerve fiber system and not to work on specific areas like that, until they are much further along in their chi training. Working on power point areas too soon just overloads your body and may lead you into bad side effects like headaches or lower back pain, or to any other number of problems.

Most systems don’t inform you what building up hot chi does to your body either or how it affects your body’s immune system, but we go over all that type of information with students. We teach you the kind of things that will happen to you when you don’t cultivate chi in the right way and you are using powerful energy exercises. If you listen to some of our free seminars, they will go over with you some important information to know when cultivating chi inside your body.

In our online School of Chi Energy Training, we teach our students energy flow patterns that bring out the good hormones and by-pass the bad ones that your body’s glands will produce, so the side effects you feel performing the energy exercises will be favorable ones. The flow patterns you learn, you will be able to easily physical feel in a tangible way. Also, people you would learn to project your energy at will be able to physically feel your chi usually within a few months of training regularly.

The energy systems that use the micro or macro cosmic orbits or ones that push the chi point area upfront can really cause problems to your body too, so be careful on the energy method you choose to learn.

We do provide a lot of good info on the subject of chi for people that are watching and listening to our main website at the School of Chi Energy or downloading our Chi Energy Seminars.

Thank you,
Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

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