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Hello Sifu Jones,

I’ve had several dramatic experiences when doing healing work on others, including watching a client’s entire face twitch and vibrate violently, my hands and arms moving by themselves in the air, tracing what appeared to be symbols of some sort, and a friend stating that he felt like I was using some kind of “magnetic machine” on him (when I wasn’t even touching him).

I even looked at myself in the mirror after doing a healing session once (in a semi-darkened bathroom), and my face was literally glowing – as in, it looked somewhat bio-luminescent. Do you think this might imply that I have a lot of chi energy already/that on some level, I already know how to use it on others?

School of Chi Energy Instructor Sifu Jones Answer

It really isn’t a good thing to contract out the muscles in a person’s body you are trying to heal, since it shows that area of their body is overloading with too much energy going thru it, which is why it contracted or twitched the muscles like that. Healing energy should literally feel good and cool in a physical way to the person you are trying to heal.

The electrical-magnetic energy you can physically feel like that is your bio-photonic energy that your body naturally emits. The fact you can feel and see it like that means you are projecting out a lot of energy, but also shows you don’t use any kind of temperature control and that you are simply projecting the energy out in as strong of a way as you can at a person.

This process you are using is also called “Tapping” by some energy methods and has the person project their energy into another person in a linear type manner as strongly as they can muster; however, when you use a lot of mind intensity while projecting your chi, it causes it to become hotter and more destructive in nature and can cause overloads in the person you are trying to heal.

Using less mind intensity uses better feeling and cooler energy and it will tend to heal a person in a better way than trying to project energy from your body with all the might you can muster.  

Temperature Matters

You are learning in the School that these bio-photons are something that our body’s nervous system runs on and that all of us are constantly communicating and interacting with each other in this type of bio-photon way. You will learn that the bio-photons have remarkable qualities or attributes that allow this energy to be changed in a variety of ways.

When you change the temperature of the bio-photon and it gets between 84-88 degrees F, it turns black in color. Bio-photons do often come off looking whitish or a silvery type color too, depending on whether the temp goes higher or lower than that 84-88 degree F temp. If you regularly perform your energy practice using your laser temp gun to help make sure you keep your body’s temp in the right temp areas, you will make better and faster gains with better feeling attributes.

The more sensitive or the stronger your body’s nervous system or nerve fiber system is the more aware you will start becoming about feeling or sensing the chi energy build up you are doing when regularly performing the Nerve Fiber Building Exercise.

Some Students tend to be further along in the process than other ones, but everyone can make their own nervous system much stronger than before by simply performing energy exercises like we teach in the School on a regular basis.

Remember, you need to stop for awhile or take off a couple days, if or when you do overload your body with too much energy too quickly, as it is easy to do until you get use to performing these type of exercises enough.

From Teaching Enough Chi Students

We know the stronger your bio-photon energy (you are building up) becomes, the easier it will be for you to not only contract out your own muscle system, but you can easily do that to others too; although when you are projecting energy in that strong type of way, it is also easy to overload that person with too much energy causing them even more problems than they had before.

You don’t want to project so much energy so that you are contracting out their body’s muscles.  The better you can get down projecting this bio-photonic energy using the right attributes (the tri-concept-feeling good and cool) the more your energy goes over to the healing side and away from the destructive side.

The big difference between healing and hurting type energy coming out of your body has to do with your mind intensity. The more mind intensity you use, the hotter the bio-photons will get and likewise, the lower the mind intensity the cooler in temperature the energy gets. Learn to make “cool chi”, not “cold chi”. The more you use moderation and try to make small incremental improvements at a time, the better you will do in this method.

The fact that you can see your energy in that kind of a way means you are projecting a lot of chi, but unless you can control the energy and make it good feeling and cool, it will not be the healing type energy you are really looking for.

This bio-photonic energy will build up thousands of times stronger than you can feel or see it now, as you will learn the stronger energy exercises later in the School. If you put a priority on making sure you work on getting the right attributes or that tri-concept down, as well as you can during this part of your training,  you will do much better in the later part where everything will go way up in power.

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