Chi or Qi is in actuality Bio-Photons

Hello School of Chi Energy Support,

I want to learn about Psychic Qigong. In Beijing. I’ve opened up and I am able to ‘see light images’ and produce qi out but I’m very untrained. For telepathic ability to ‘see the qi levels’, I want to learn about it. Could you ask the masters if any understand this request? Sometimes this type of knowledgeable person is named as a miracle doctor. Thank you.

Sifu Jones Response:

Chi or qi is in actuality bio-photons that your body’s nervous system or the electrical part of your body emits for communicative purposes to other people, animal or things, as well as intercommunication in the body itself. In our School we teach Students to build up stronger the nerve fibers of the body, so that the Student is able to project out more bio-photons than they normally would be able to do. With enough practice building up the body’s nerve fiber system, the Student is able to use the energy build up for a number of practical applications, such as healing themselves or healing others of different types of problems.

If you check out the School Catalog, you will see the School Instructors teach Students a variety of ways to use their chi. The whitish color type chi you can see is typical in the way it comes out for most people that can emit it well. We teach Students to change the temperature of the energy which causes it to appear more as a blackish color because when it is in that state, it can clump together better and holds it’s form, so it can be used in more ways. The whitish type chi does not clump as well and can only be used in limited ways. The way a person builds up the chi in their body can cause quite a bit of unwanted bad feeling side effects, unless that person learns to lower the inside temp of their body and is able to get the energy to feel good, which simply takes that person practice in learning how to do that.

So much more information has been learned about how chi energy works and a lot of the traditional ways have included flawed ways of doing different techniques. Since chi acts in the same way electricity does, the people that teach you to try to pack energy into power points on the body, really doesn’t work that way, as the energy is always moving around. We show Students how that building up stronger their own nerve fiber system will lead to better psychic abilities. The stronger your electrical system becomes the more a person’s psychic abilities will improve. The system we designed directly engages a person’s nerve fiber system improving their ability to project chi in a physical way, so that they can feel it stronger and so can people around them. None of the things we teach is magic, but learned chi techniques that enhance that person ability to use their own chi, but it does take work on that person’s part in order to do so. Good luck to you in learning more about how your body’s bio-photons or chi works. We also appreciate your interest in our School.

Thank you,  Sifu Jones Chi Energy Instructor.

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