Buildup a Curved Soothing Yin Bioenergy

Chi Builders in training at the School of Chi Energy online Buildup a Curved Soothing Yin Bioenergy. They learn to create and build up an ever increasing flow of an electrical type of biophoton which forms into a circular circuitry framework up to very high levels.

This Professional Cultivation Method is underestimated at first for it takes time to create and build up nerve fiber volume, density and pressure. This will provide for these types of high level abilities that are not known nor readily recognized in the Natural by others. The healing effects are experienced by others as the Chi Builder guides the chi form in motion.

For the Chi Builder these circular forms of energy change the body and soul mind which becomes a part of their daily life at the advanced levels.

All Chi Builders with the experience to recognize and train in the use of these extraordinary skills, using this electrical healing method. They will be instructed to adhere to the Rules of Bio-Electricity to maintain the integrity of cool temperature and low intensity in maintaining their chi form effects.

2020 Testimony:

A Chi Builder Testimony… at the Online School of Chi Energy Training

“I have to say thank you! I am in my fourth month of the school of chi energy heals. Wow the small little changes here and there are starting to add up I feel great and excited for what I’m building towards. Learning about energy and how it effects every aspect of my life is nothing short of amazing!

I have nothing but gratitude for this school. Thank you. I recommend doing this starting this school for anyone who wants more out of life. Who is tired of feeling bad, and wants to feel good, calm, cool, and relaxed. Also if you want something healed or want to change your life.

If you want to feel your spirit in a tangible way or you want to be able to control your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, or gain self control and emotional stability.

Their are so many reasons to go to this online school and the benefits while they are built up over time. They are lasting and more then worth what you pay for them in time and money. So thank you again Sifu Jones and Sifu Cindy Cicero.”

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