Becoming a Chi Healer

Advanced Healing Abilities and Techniques

There is a place of learning that teaches how to Buildup Healing Bio-energy in Circuitry Form to very high levels and it’s application.  This place is online at “The School of Chi Energy”.  The School of Chi Energy offers this Chi Method through monthly online classes with private mentoring to accelerate your training.

Building Up Strong Good Feeling Energy

The Chi Energy Method teaches you how to Buildup Very High Levels of Bio-Energy to become a Chi Healer. First our students are taught how to become “Chi Builders” of Bio-Energy by performing our Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern.  You’ll learn how to practice an easy to perform flow pattern that builds up their entire nerve fiber system which increases your body’s cellular voltage, metabolic rate and circulatory system to prepare your body for the higher level chi exercises to reach the professional levels in Advanced Healing Abilities & Techniques.

Reach the Higher Levels in Chi Healing Abilities

Did you know… high level energy work is not a superman thing.

The Chi Energy Method is an electrical circuit building process that requires ‘change’ in small increments to acquire large gains. At the Advanced SuperSet and Circuit – Vortex Levels, biophotons buildup to a compression of layered formed circuitry around the entire body. The effect on the body’s 5 sensory neuro-paths are re-trained in new neurological circular pathways.

As you learn how buildup biophoton light into a specialized Bio-Form of tangible energy, you’ll enjoy better health, a clear mind, emotional stability and a lot of energy building up each day that you’ll learn to use in unique ways.  What you’ll discover as a student that it is our Tri-concept Formula that develops the Bio-Form into an incredible Buildup of Strong Good Feeling Energy that creates it’s Healing Power.

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