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Build Chi to Heal the Electrical Body & Mind
Buildup a Curved Soothing Yin Bioenergy Chi Builders in training at the School of Chi Energy online Buildup a Curved Soothing Yin
Bio-Energy Healing
Chi Energy Intensity in the Right Way…
What does Energy Healing have to do with Intensity Hello Sifu Jones, I’ve had several dramatic experiences when doing healing work on
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The Diversity of Chi Energy Student Backgrounds
The School of Chi Energy is at its Core Extremely Diverse The backgrounds of our students range across the spectrum to include:
Bio-Energy Healing
The Healer & Biophoton Measurement on Film
  The Healer & Biophoton  Measurement can now be seen on film.  Biophotons are a phenomena which are emitted from all organic
Bio-Energy Healing
Chi or Qi is in actuality Bio-Photons
Hello School of Chi Energy Support, I want to learn about Psychic Qigong. In Beijing. I’ve opened up and I am able
Bio-Energy Healing
The Uncommon Chi Healer Building Electromagmatic Bio-Energy
The Uncommon Chi Healer Building Electromagnetic Bio-Energy Allow me to introduce in brief Sifu Jones’ Chi Energy Method. Sifu Jones makes the
Bio-Energy Healing
Becoming the Chi Healer
Becoming a Chi Healer Advanced Healing Abilities and Techniques There is a place of learning that teaches how to Buildup Healing Bio-energy
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Photons of Light become Tangible Matter
Photons of Light Now physics has moved forward creating Photons of Light that becomes tangible Matter.  When the article “The Young Physicist
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Sound Healing with Circular Formed Chi
Formed Chi Energy and the Circular Tone of Voice We’ve covered at great lengths in previous articles the mechanical energy developed by
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Bio-Energy Heals in a Meditative State
The School of Chi Energy Bio-Energy Heals in chemical union with Meditation There are many interpretations of the nature of the training