Formed Chi Energy and the Circular Tone of Voice

We’ve covered at great lengths in previous articles the mechanical energy developed by soundwaves and how, through mindful engagement, they can serve as an additional asset in the chi practitioner’s [bio-energy via biophoton] toolbox.

The article “NOVEL ULTRA-LOW-ENERGY CONSUMPTION ULTRASONIC CLOTHES DRYER” highlights the efforts of scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory who developed a method of drying wet clothes through ultrasonic vibrations. In half the time with a fraction of the energy and no heat, these high frequency soundwaves dry clothes in such a way that the byproducts from the mechanical vibrations (soundwaves) are a cold mist.

Let’s a take a moment to think on this for a moment, as this is a topic which requires deeper consideration. For those of us who have gone beyond the third year of training in this method, we can begin to see the cause and effect relationship highlighted above. Soundwaves are mechanical waves that can be directed and engineered for specific results.

As our biophotonic output increases and permeates our surroundings, the states of energy of everything within our sphere of influence is also raised. Adding energy into a system results in added energy – except of course, when it doesn’t, for example; when compressing a large number of electrons through a smaller opening such that there is no loss of energy when the electrons collide, but counter intuitively, speed up the flow of electrons through said opening such that the rate of throughput of the mass of electrons is significantly higher when compared to a single or low number of electrons.

[The aforementioned is something that is applicable to fourth year students as the biophotons formed into specific shapes begin to hold in place.

Although the forms are “still” at the macro level, the energy in and of itself is ever vibrating, thanks to the strings from which it is comprised. This, in turns, leads to an interesting effect: the vibrations cause fractal behavior patterns such that exponential levels of energy are released.

This is also why the Tri-Concept is a cornerstone of the International School of Chi Energy Heals curriculum. Once a form begins fractal behavior patterns, things can get out of control very quickly…]

Because the exercises in this method cultivate a greater discharge and throughput of biophotons, we can expect the following:

  • An elevated energy state of everything within our surroundings as biophotons permeate the very fabric of space time, and;
  • Increased energy of soundwaves, due to the fact that sound is a mechanical wave that is affected by the energy states of the materials, including spacetime, it traverses as much as it effects the materials it traverse.

Form Chi Bio-Energy Exercises taught within the curriculum of the School of Chi Energy give rise to techniques. Here we will look into the the science of verbal communication. How we speak, and the forming of energy patterns designed for the specific purpose of the mechanical wave to ride upon, can make all the difference in everything we do. The excited state of the mechanical wave can come across as shouting, at minimal, to; physically painful if left unchecked.

As noted in the article Meet the Woman Who Can See With Her Ears, recent scientific advancements have shown that people who are unable to see with their eyes can use sound to navigate their surrounding through more than echolocation; we are finding through deliberate synesthesia, soundwaves can in fact cause the same regions in the brain associated with vision to activate and as a result, allow the blind to literally see, so much so that patterns and colors become evident whereas the specifics of facial features remain fuzzy.

Mindful practice, however, can ensure a more peaceable and preferred engagement such that the interaction is not just thoroughly enjoyed, but sought after. Imagine then, if you will, shaping biophotons such that the mechanical vibrations generated during normal speech create – as sung by Elton John, a “solid wall of sound”. This is not science fiction.

For those of us practicing this method, a lightbulb should be glowing with increasing candela. Soundwaves provide the human brain with information. Biophoton store information. Through mindful practice, it is possible to not only deliberately encode biophotons with information, specific to concepts and emotions, but furthermore, to use these same biophotons to excite and shape the mechanical waves and impact of human speech. The concept of painting pictures with words becomes the literal and natural outcome of verbal communication. Modulating the intensity of the tones used while deliberately shaping forms designed to enhance and guide the mechanical waves can positively impact and influence a better outcome or, for those brief moments of mindless engagements, result in the reactive efforts of damage control.

V R Sifu Brown (Advanced School of Chi Energy Instructor)

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