The Uncommon Chi Healer Building Electromagnetic Bio-Energy

Allow me to introduce in brief Sifu Jones’ Chi Energy Method. Sifu Jones makes the superhard understandable and; developed a curriculum such that the impossible becomes possible for many under the easiest of conditions. For practitioners who start building, electrical magnetic bioenergy, it can be difficult to see the incremental gains of development at first; some can miss the finer details of the method and process, when they only hear anecdotes; or others find it difficult to appreciate the efficiency and efficacy of his electrically based, biophonic method, unless you have plateaued elsewhere.

Here is a brief description from Sifu Jones that describes the School of Chi Energy’s Bio-Energy Method:

Here’s how you personally can significantly increase your chi projection abilities!

Have you ever felt a person project their chi energy at you causing you to physically feel the sensations and wondered if you too could learn to be able to do that.  At the School of Chi Energy, students learn the easiest and fastest way to build up their chi projection abilities. Other energy methods will teach you standing static postures, different types of breathing techniques and the usage of sound matras in order for you to be able to project stronger feeling chi. Students of these types of method often spend many hours performing the exercises they are taught in order to build up stronger feeling chi energy.

Students at the School of Chi Energy learn a radical new and better way using low aerobic impact energy exercises in a sitting down position that were specially designed to increase the Student’s chi projection abilities.  Chi Practitioners utilize the latest breakthroughs in scientific research on how a person is able to build up and increase the electrical or nervous system of their body.  They are able to make bigger and better gains in cultivating their body’s chi or bio-photonic production and in much less time then other methods take. Our typical energy exercises take 20 mins or less of your time to perform and are much easier and less stressful on your mind and body.

Are you struggling in an energy method where you are no longer making the gains you were first making?  The School of Chi Energy may be the right answer for you too.  Find out what advantages going thru a professional School like ours can do for you. If you have reached a plateau in your energy work and want the knowledge and skill to get past those plateaus, check out the resources we have available to help you reach new levels in your energy work.  Check out our School Curriculum Catalog to see the kind of things you as a Student at the School of Chi Energy would learn.

“High level energy work is not a Superman Thing it is an Electrical Process.”

Sifu Jones conveys his method as a non-superman thing due to the biophoton buildup electrical potential. The high level buildup is why over the forty years, ten of which I have been intimately involved, many people have had excellent success, including myself in acquiring skills thought of as super-normal. Those in this phase of training are blessed and respect how these types of skills appear in the public venue. Due to the nature of what some believe as ‘superman’ abilities, I can say that many (including myself), are discreet to expose what they have accomplished in totality. The School teaches students how to build up Chi Energy in Bio-energy Circuitry for Advanced Healing Purposes.

It is at the online School of Chi Energy Method, where students learn to build up Static Bioenergy Forms from 40 miles of the electrical magnetic nerve fiber system that their body contains for Abundant Energy and Advanced Healing Abilities.  In essence, each Student discovers through the Chi Method Training that the ‘Electrical Magnetic Building Process’ requires small incremental ‘changes’ to order to acquire large gains without experiencing long periods of plateaus.

Sifu Cicero – The School of Chi Energy

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