Bioenergy Articles
The Power of the Vagus Nerve
Discover the Power of the Vagus Nerve at the School of Chi Energy Discovering the power of vagus nerve is something that
Bio-Energy Training
A Chi Healers’ Way of Building Up Bio-Energy
Year One Training for the Chi Healer at the School of Chi Energy Discover how a Chi Builder of Bio-Energy Becomes a
Bioenergy Articles
Why Biophotons Matter
Why Biophotons Matter Shedding Light on Mind and Matter “Mind over matter” is a proverb that speaks to us on multiple levels.
Chi Energy Seminars
The Chi Energy Heals Method with Sifu Jones
The School of Chi Energy’s A Powerful Energy Method for Health, Healing and Advanced Abilities… A brief talk about the Chi Energy Heals Method
Bioenergy Articles
A Powerful Healing Yin Energy Practice
Building Chi To Heal The School of Chi Energy has developed and are now teaching to Students the world’s most powerful energy
Chi Energy Seminars
The Power of a BioEnergy Circular Healing Method
The Power of a Circular BioEnergy Method at the Ultraviolet Range The Chi Energy Circular Healing Method   This mp3 contains excerpts
Bioenergy Articles
Perfection vs Precision for the Chi Energy Healer
The Chi Energy Method Amplifies Chi Energy Instructor, Don Brown goes over the differences between perfection and being precise. At the School of
Chi Energy Seminars
Chi Energy Fourth Year Training
Chi Energy Fourth Year Training Sifu Jones talks about the Instructor’s 4th Year of classes and why we do not list them
Bioenergy Articles
A Holographic Touch of Chi Energy
Chi Energy Students buildup biophotons that are type of light that can be molded into a form of energy that you can
Chi Energy Seminars
Inside a Chi Energy Student’s First Year of Training
The School of Chi Energy Training Going from Yang to Yin Sifu Jones talks about what it takes to get to the higher levels