The Chi Energy Heals Method with Sifu Jones

The School of Chi Energy’s

A Powerful Energy Method for Health, Healing and Advanced Abilities…

A brief talk about the Chi Energy Heals Method

To Download: The Most Powerful Cultivation Chi Energy Exercise

Students at the School of Chi Energy learn to cultivate chi energy in large amounts using some of the best energy exercises ever developed.  Most energy exercises taught in the traditional way rely on a person being able to build up their muscles, ligaments & tendons thru the use of breaths, sounds and standing postures, which in turn will lead that person to be able to create more of the chi (bio-photons) they are trying to build up. Our energy exercises are specially designed to be low aerobic impact, easy on the body and are easy enough to be performed by persons in any walk of life.  Students are  taught to work right with their own body’s nerve fiber system performing energy exercises that directly interact with the nerve fibers them self.

  • Sifu Jones talks about how one energy exercise can differ quite a bit from other type ones simply in the way they are designed.
  • Energy Exercises like the ones taught at the School that cultivate a lot of energy can be dangerous if not performed correctly.
  •  Learn why it would not be a good idea to short cut the process of building up large amounts of energy, especially when you are building up & cultivating that energy inside your own body. 

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