The Power of a Circular BioEnergy Method at the Ultraviolet Range

The Chi Energy Circular Healing Method


This mp3 contains excerpts from an actual School topic covering Linear vs Circular Chi, which is listed towards the end of the First Year Student’s Chi Training Curriculum. 

Sifu Jones talks about the ‘infrared’ level such as Reiki or Quantum Touch and other public energy methods verses the ultraviolet range Chi Energy Method.  You’ll learn how these ‘infared’ techniques are different from the power of cultivating circular bioenergy from the body’s entire nerve fiber system.  Listen to how these powerful unique techniques at the ‘ultraviolet range’ biophoton level were harnessed & developed into a “Unique Energy Buildup Method ‘ for Health and Healing.

  • Sifu Jones explains some of the differences between a linear style of chi training and that of a circular style and why the circular style is much better for you
  • See why using linear chi usually involves using your chi energy in a destructive way and why using circles allows you much more control in using it for healing purposes or other constructive means
  • Sifu Jones compares some of the martial art systems that are considered circular in nature and explains to Students in Chi Training, why they are not


You’ve been listening to excerpts from Sifu Jones talking with the School of Chi Energy Students entering into Year Two of Training.  To learn more click this link about the School of Chi Energy Method

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