Why Biophotons Matter

Shedding Light on Mind and Matter

“Mind over matter” is a proverb that speaks to us on multiple levels. On the surface, it points to diligence and grit to will our physical body to continue performing a usually difficult and more often than not, time consuming task that is slow going at best. Sometimes it speaks to the ability to deliberately disassociate from physical or emotional stimuli – to feel something markedly different than that which is being introduced. At the highest level, the phrase “mind over matter” points to a truth that is both childlike in its simplicity and impossibly difficult: concepts previously considered “super”, such as remote healing, astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy and precognition, soon become the normal over a relatively short period of focused and dedicated instruction. This is the International School of Chi Energy Heals and where Biophotons matter.


Multiple research efforts have verified that even down to the cellular level, the human body engages in “ultraweak photonic emission”. This is to say that every human emits light in the form of photons. In Spontaneous ultraweak photon emission from biological systems and the endogenous light field, Authors Schwabl and Klima note that:

Organisms and tissues spontaneously emit measurable intensities of light, i.e. photons in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm), in the range from 1 to 1,000 photons x s-1 x cm-2, depending on their condition and vitality. It is important not to confuse UPE from living systems with other biogenic light emitting processes such as bioluminescence or chemiluminescence.

There are many nuggets of information contained in those two sentences, but two specific themes standout. The first concept that is worth developing is the fact that the photonic emission heretofore is random and is directly associated with the vitality of the organism. Secondly, photonic emission is something entirely different than bioluminescence or chemiluminescence: there is something completely different taking place.

Deliberate Intent

Discussed at length and in multiple articles within the archives of the International School of Chi Energy Heals, the “Two Slit Experiment” has shown that the observer is not removed from the activities, but the observer’s expectations influence the outcome. The author Ernesto Bonilla has interesting thoughts regarding this phenomena and the mechanisms involved. In the abstract Evidence about the power of intention, Bonilla writes:

Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicelular organisms to human beings. The emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects. All living organisms emit a constant current of photons as a mean to direct instantaneous nonlocal signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world.

The “Two Slit Experiment” confirms that human beings, via expectation, can influence the behavior of the very building blocks of the universe. Here, Bonilla extends the reach of human influence using ultraweak photons as the mechanism of delivering intent.

What is very important to note at this juncture is that the biophoton itself is capable of storing information. In the article Your Body Literally Glows With Light, Dr. Mercola notes that “one single biophoton can carry more than four megabytes of information”. A single megabyte, incidentally, has the capacity to store four books of plain text, each one 200 pages long. Practically speaking, even a single biophoton, randomly emitted, is able to carry 800 pages worth of information. This information exchange takes place within the human host where biophotons travel inside and across cells and; these same biophotons travel outside the human body where they interact with both living entities and non-living objects. The information contained within the biophoton is key: through information, intent can be captured. Much like instructions in a cook book or, a technical guide for assembling stereo equipment or, an emotional first person account waxing poetic, the information contained within the biophoton is the agent of the aforementioned intent. This is no different than traditional Communications guidance. When communicating, the goal is either persuasive or informative, such that the audience: thinks along the lines introduced by the speaker or; [emotionally] feels as persuaded by the speaker or; acts accordingly to the speaker’s desires. This is applicable to every form of communication, even and especially between two individuals and this is why biophotons matter.

At this juncture, a new series of questions emerge:

  • What information is contained within a biophoton?
  • Can the information within a biophoton be edited along the lines of a traditional information processing [create; read; update; delete]?
  • How is this information received by inanimate objects and living organisms?

Before leaving the subject at hand however, the process through which the biophoton is emitted must be addressed. For the traditional “observer”, ultraweak photonic emission is seemingly random, based upon factors such as the time of day as well as the health and vitality of the organism. A preferred way forward then, is a method which cultivates these biophotons in such a way that randomness is removed, time of day is no longer a factor, and consistent, predictable results and capabilities are achieved.

The International School of Chi Energy Heals

Collectively referred to as “The Two Sifus”, Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero provide a meticulous and in-depth curriculum backed by scientific data and information that provides instruction to the students engaged in this method of energy cultivation. This curriculum, based on the unification of first person experience and scientific research is what leads to consistent and predictable results.

The very foundation of this method is healing. As postulated by Schwabl and Klima, the vitality of the organism has a direct correlation between the amount of biophotons produced and emitted. The curriculum of the Two Sifus provides a foundation such that vitality and health are achieved and, as the student develops and cultivates more and more of these biophotons, the corresponding health and vitality benefits continue to grow.

Also worthy of note, the quality of health is directly related to the content of information within the biophoton. Speaking plainly, it is possible to deliberately and mindfully program the biophoton. Please note the language used in the previous sentence. Mindfulness is something that a very few practice. Without mindfulness, the programming of the biophoton is more often than not at odds with individual’s goals. This is not to say that without being mindful, the information content within the biophoton is diametrically opposed to the individual’s goals; however, the likelihood that the  information within said biophoton, when left to chance, will be in alignment with the individual’s goals is low. The instruction provided by the Two Sifus provides the student with the means to upload content into their own biophotons for consistent and repeatable results. The resulting effects are no longer random, but capabilities honed through mindful practice, on demand and on command.

As noted by Bonilla: “Direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered flux of photons. Our intentions seem to operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter.” For the uninitiated, Sifu Jones has drawn the distinction between hormonal driven (thru the blood stream) energy cultivation verses the electrical (using the nerve fibers) cultivation method which he teaches. Furthermore, the ordering of the “flux of photons” is something that is also mindfully architected throughout the curriculum. These are advanced topics. Instead of diving into the deep end of the ocean, take a moment and give The Chi Energy Palm Test a try and note the feeling of magnetic energy.

In the interim:
Be well; be mindful.

Don Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]

For the latest scientific research information about Biophotons and their capabilities, please download the full white papers in pdf format from pub.med.gov.

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