The School of Chi Energy Training

Going from Yang to Yin

Sifu Jones talks about what it takes to get to the higher levels in Chi Energy Training:

  • With over 70 years combined experience in energy training, Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero discuss what it takes to reach the higher levels.
  • Learn how a precision in performance and temperature control is required to get there.
  • Listen to how the best way to perform your energy exercises is by multi-tasking & using the Tri-concept.

Starting with Year One classes you’ll learn and practice how to build up the electrical part of your entire nerve fiber system.  These progressive monthly classes instruct you how perform the energy exercises in a repetitive easy pattern that stimulates body’s nerve fiber system which fires off biophotons.  It is these biophotons which are an electrical magnetic type of light particle that can be molded overtime into tangible “Energy Forms” for advanced abilities and healing techniques.

Students build these specialized “energy healing forms” through performing the Nerve Fiber Building Energy Exercise.  The Nerve Fiber Building Energy Exercise elongates and enlarges the practitioner’s nerve fibers and strengthens their over all nervous system.   As your body’s nervous system gets stronger, the nerve fibers are able to emit and project much more chi energy or biophotons.

You’ll learn in an easy step by step way thru each month of classes.  Students perform their daily chi energy exercises while learning from class demonstrations and lectures.  As students advance in their chi energy cultivation, they’ll learn how this method is an electrical process and what to expect on a monthly basis.

These monthly classes contain training videos, audio lectures with instructional documents in mp4, mp3, pdf & jpg formats. Each student can access their classes anytime to listen or watch online and download their classes which are enabled for a mobile tablet or smart phone user.  We are an interactive School where enrollment includes monthly Instructor support by email, up to three free Instructor sessions per year along with a end of year review for the open book test via phone or Skype.

To learn more please visit: The School of Chi Energy Form Training Method information page.

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