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“I can move objects with chi and others can feel my chi energy projection.

What stage would you say I am at using Chi Energy?”

It’s been some years since I’ve practiced Chi Kung exercises. I have a question about what level or stage of Chi Power I am at with with my chi abilities. When I was training in external martial arts I used to do a lot of deep chi breathing.  At one point in time, my palms would get extremely hot and turn red in appearance. Not only that, but also I moved a piece of plastic between my palms without touching. One day I threw Jing out (sexual energy) and dented a curtain about ten feet away.  Also my wife said she felt the energy and I didn’t have to touch her.   This was all achieved without the help of a Sifu. With these types of abilities could you tell me what chi energy level I’m at currently? Can you also teach me to master the burning palm technique? But of course, I would only want to use this technique for healing myself and others. Please help me out on this matter.

Thank you,

Our Answer to Randall… 

Hello Randall,

You’ve discovered that learning a Chi Kung of external martial art had built up a type of chi energy. That sounds correct since most people who taken that path found chi in this way.  The type of chi energy you discovered happened based on learning a specific set of martial arts techniques for defensive & offensive fighting abilities that built up the same type of “chi energy” internally. That is why the type of chi energy or bio-energy that you built up in your body was linear with hot temperature and intense content (breath induced) attributes.

You’ve asked what level you are at with this type of chi energy based on your projection to move, dent and have another feel your chi projection.  We can tell from your question that your level of chi projection has plateaued since you have found no use for the chi beyond what you have experienced. We can tell you that the linear hot chi that you’ve cultivated can be used to move objects or be used for destructive fighting techniques; however the price is high on your body and mind.  Think of it this way. What happens when you stick your finger in an electrical socket?  You get electrocuted.  At first it feels like a tingly fuzzy feeling and then it quickly goes to not feeling so good because you’ve burnt yourself from the inside out.  This happens in the same way when linear chi is built up to high levels without temperature control and particular healing attributes.  It will be destructive chi energy.  Learning to build up energy with a cool temperature and good feeling attributes will make the energy have a healing benefit to you and another.

Non sensitive people can feel the hot chi because of the heat (prickly or other feelings). If the person is sensitive to chi or bio-energy and tunes into hot linear chi, this will make them feel not so good.  They may experience a headache or a nausea feeling or worse depending on the intensity of the energy projection.  The list is long on side effects from hot linear chi.  Both types of people will have an electrical overload.  The non sensitive will just experience the overload later.

It was very fortunate that when you projected this type of linear hot energy, which your wife felt, that you did not have enough projection.  If you did, it could have went into an organ or other areas which would have overloaded and caused her pain. Linear heated chi is designed for destructive techniques.  We would not recommend this type of energy buildup for healing purposes since there is a lack of temperature control and projection which can release inflammatory hormones and disrupt the electrical system in the body’s systems and organs.

Performing a healing technique or an extreme ability with lack of temperature control will have short lived results and the negative consequences to your own or another body’s health. You only just have to watch a George Dillman chi projection video and you’ll see the EMS emergency vehicles standing by with defibrillator paddles just in case someone’s heart stops during linear chi demonstrations.

We have found out through medical research that “different intensities or levels of heat” breaks down the body and accelerates the aging process as sited by this article Chi Energy and Cool  Temperature. The heat and other attributes increase the voltage or charge of a linear type of output in short bursts of electromagnetic force. Direct this at the human body and the result will be an “overload” of chi for sender and the receiver. The sender of linear hot, emotional content (breath) produced chi will drain the sender due to the intensity of the output.  The other person or living thing will receive your projection and experience an overload of the electrical input. The aftermath is that you’ll both in different ways experience an emotional or physical roller coaster ride that may last for quite awhile.

Now you see why we wouldn’t recommend or teach how to build up the body’s nerve fibers to master the “burning palm technique”.   That is, if you want to keep your body and mind in good health.  We teach students how energy, which you can physically feel already, can be made thousands of times stronger through the regular performance of our specially designed energy exercises using circular cool temperature good feeling energy instead of linear hot chi.

In the School of Chi Energy, we have a method of building chi energy to very high levels without the negative side effects. There is a way to learn how to build up bioenergy that can benefit your body and mind with a professional easy step by step process.  You could learn to manipulate your body’s own metabolism and hormonal flow and experience great health.  There is a better to way to learn how to move objects, perform precision healings, and extreme abilities that have positive effects on the body and the mind.

When you build up this type of good feeling temperature controlled energy you can perform a healing that does the impossible since the body accepts this type of good feeling energy. The body actually transforms to increase the energy levels to when you were young. The student does this to their own body by transferring a cool air conditioning type of temperature and good feeling into the buildup of energy throughout the body.

In Year One of Chi Energy Training, our students perform a twice a day 20 minute energy flow pattern to build up the capacity of the nerve fibers. The student begins to learn how to mold biophotons into an “energy form” for a healing projection that is generated from the entire body’s nerve fiber system.  This is explained in a brief Chi Energy Form Training article by Sifu Jones.

Performing the nerve fiber building flow pattern each month in training builds the nerve fiber capacity to increase the flow of larger amounts of bioenergy throughout the entire body.  As this happens, the body’s metabolism rate increases the sodium potassium pump which cleans the out the cells carbon buildup at an accelerated rate. This in turn increases oxygenation throughout the entire body for increased levels of energy.

As the student arrives in the 2nd year, students have learned to cool the energy they are building up and make things feel good, so when the energy is greatly increased by the much stronger energy exercises they will learn there, they won’t just overload right away. It’s about half way through the 2nd year that students really start understanding the true potential of the things we are teaching them. It is also when you start seeing yourself being able to do some of those things that seem impossible to you up until then.

Many people want the information we have about chi, put into one course, one book or video that they can buy to read, listen to, or view on their own time and where they can teach these kinds of techniques to themselves. One book, video or several courses are not going to get you that much better than you are now. Check out our Chi Energy Training Curriculum to learn more about the method.

Our chi techniques are very powerful. Even the people that have come in for only 30 days and learn the basic energy exercises, run into problems, if they keep doing the exercises on their own without making the right kind of changes when the time comes to make them. We break down for the students in a step by step way, what they need to do in order to reach those higher levels.

Our School of Chi Energy knocks off decades of time over what you normally would have to put in time wise, when you do things on your own.  We are interested in teaching people healing techniques that actually work then we are in extreme abilities. The extreme abilities that a person is able to reach learning high level energy techniques come about as a result of building up your nerve fibers over a period of time. It is actually somewhat of a side effect that you can move different things in that way.

If you’re interested, go to our School of Chi Energy Training and download the free seminars and free report, then go through each of the sliders information headings on the front web page, this will explain a lot more.

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