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Optimal Yin Energy Buildup

A Question and Answer Article:

Question: What are the best exercises for building the nerve fibers?  How can we learn them to teach to our community?

Sifu Jones’ Answer: Although we like your enthusiasm for everyone to learn these types of energy exercises; to teach random people high level energy exercises without the knowledge that goes along with it, would only cause those people to go through a lot of different bad side effects. These bad side effects, like headaches, lower back pain, joint pain, etc   would be caused when the person learning the energy exercises (that build up their nerve fibers quickly), overload their own body with too much energy.

It takes time to learn how to do the exercises correctly and time for the body to make changes in order to get use to having more energy going through it. This is why we teach these type techniques in a School like we do. We show you how overloads occur and how to avoid them, as well as many other problems that could arise when learning about high level energy techniques. There are many type cause & effect relationships that occur in learning these type techniques and it really helps the person to know about them upfront, before they go through a lot of energy training.

Certainly, if you joined the School and learned the different energy techniques yourself and all that goes along with them, then you would find out yourself, the problems that go along with your original question. If you want to download some or all of our free seminars, along with the free 16-pg Chi Energy Report about Chi energy, you could use them as a helpful good information source on learning about energy work. They bring up a few of the things that other methods or systems fail to control and some of the problems people run into when building up high levels of energy. We do wish you the best in your endeavors and that you do well with your upcoming events.

Question: I would like to tell you of an experience I have 2 weeks ago. Late one night I was setting on my bed legs crossed hands about a foot apart, I was drifting in and out of thought then suddenly like magnetism my hand were forced together  I then started to do some very strange things it felt like someone else was guiding me I was doing hand spinning rotating movements the force that guided me felt like a magnetic force.

I was able to move my hand around at such a speed all I could see was a blur my hands they were in perfect symmetry, my whole body was in perfect at first thoughts came through my mind that I was being processed but decided to go with the flow, my breathing was so controlled, this what happen has changed my life it was the most powerful experience that has happened, I felt like I have much power.

I have reproduced this experience 7 more times in the last two weeks, my thoughts about the universe and after life have change. I am able to produce great speed when doing hand rotation I think that is because of a electromagnetic field that holds my hands in place, I guess this is probably my chi I have discovered although I think there might b more to this because I have talked to someone that does tai chi and from what he describes my experience feel like 100 times more powerful.

When deep in meditation I feel or think I feel all the electro magnetism in the room, I thought of maybe take up tai chi although I think that may be to slow as I like to do fast movement because I can and also because the force feels stronger, or maybe take up Kung Fu , I would like to hear your thoughts on what I have just said, and I guess I am looking for answers to what has happens and also what I should do?

Sifu Jones’ Answer: It sounds like you have started tuning into your own body’s bio-energy. On our front page of our website, Sifu Cicero shows people how to tune into their own energy too. Now that you know your body puts off this kind of bio-energy, you are wondering how you can use this new found energy in a practical application way. Plus, will this energy build up even stronger than it is now? This is what we teach students in our School of Chi Energy. We show you energy exercises that teach you how to make this kind of energy thousands of times more powerful than how you can feel that energy now. If you haven’t listened to any of our free seminars you should really give them a try. The seminars tell you more about how you should be thinking when dealing with chi energy.

There are all sorts of websites out there that talk about cultivating this stuff, but none of them will show you the best way to do this. We show people what this energy is all about and the best way to work with it safely, in order to have the best feeling side effects.  It is really easy to get bad side effects (like headaches, lower back pain or other type pain, etc,) from practicing energy exercises in the wrong way. Please check out our Chi Energy School Catalog to see the kind of things you can learn going through the School of Chi Energy. We show you how to use your chi energy to perform extreme abilities that most people say are impossible. Now that you discovered this new type energy, you should learn as much about it as you can.

Even if you never join our school, you can learn a lot more about chi energy and how it works, just following along with us on the social medias or at our different websites. Also check out our training blog at www.chienergytraining.com which posts good articles about chi energy too. Of course, the fastest & best way to learn about chi energy and how to cultivate it properly is by joining our School of Chi Energy. We wish you the best in learning all about chi and how it can help you & others.

Question: Could you please define Chi and where and how does Dantien come into play?

Sifu Jones’ Answer: “Chi” or life force energy is actually bio-photons that follow along your body’s nervous system or nerve fibers. Even though they are a form of light, they also have an electrical-magnetic component to them. That electrical component of the bio-photon or chi helps it to follow the nerve fibers or the electrical part of your body’s nervous system. Our energy exercise called the nerve fiber building exercise shows you how by simply performing this particular exercise regularly, you can strengthen your own body’s nerve fibers causing them to be able to produce, carry & project more of the bio-photons or chi energy. We then show students that go to our school, how these extra bio-photons or chi can be used to perform high level energy techniques.

The dan tien or chi point is explained as a power point that stores up chi energy in most energy systems. It is an area located a couple inches below your stomach’s belly button area. Some systems tell you to use a hard breath and a focused mind to cultivate energy there, but it will lead to your body going through bad side effects if you do it that way. In our system, you will learn why trying to work on individual power point areas like the dan tien is a bad idea. We teach students to build up their entire nerve fiber system and not to work on specific areas like that, until they are much further along in their chi training. Working on power point areas too soon just overloads your body and may lead you into bad side effects like headaches or lower back pain, or to any other number of problems.

Most energy healing methods don’t inform you what building up hot chi does to your body either or how it affects your body’s immune system, but we go over all that type of information with students. We teach you the kind of things that will happen to you when you don’t cultivate chi in the right way and you are using powerful energy exercises. If you listen to some of our free seminars, they will go over with you some important information to know when cultivating chi inside your body.

In our School of Chi Energy, we teach our students energy flow patterns that bring out the good hormones and by-pass the bad ones that your body’s glands will produce, so the side effects you feel performing the energy exercises will be favorable ones. The flow patterns you learn, you will be able to easily physical feel in a tangible way. Also, people you would learn to project your energy at will be able to physically feel your chi usually within a few months of training regularly.

The energy systems that use the micro or macro cosmic orbits or ones that push the chi point area upfront can really cause problems to your body too, so be careful on the energy method you choose to learn. We do provide a lot of good info on the subject of chi for people that are watching and listening to the School of Chi Energy free seminars, articles and videos.

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