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Biblical Truth in Chi Energy Training

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” These famous words found in Gospel according to Matthew are familiar to many of us. Recently, I received insight into a deeper meaning behind these words, and could see an immediate correlation of my life’s path, and the future I will enjoy through my chi training at the School of Chi Energy.

About the verse – the English translation misses the tense of the Greek. It is more akin to: Ask [always]… seek [always]… knock [always]. The dogmatic consistency with expectations of victory carries you to the goal.

For example, when I was young, for some strange reason, I was enamored with aircraft: a child of the 80s, “Top Gun” was the ultimate in cool. In reading up on jets, came across an aircraft called the SR-71 Blackbird. Every other airplane paled in comparison: not only did it look cool (Marvel’s X-Men use a modified version of it for their own heroic transports); but it was also the fastest jet ever built, achieving speeds three times the speed of sound.

I was completely geeked out. Every day I would stop by my local library and research anything and everything related to the SR-71: its design specifications; its performance capabilities; the missions it flew; the company that built this magnificent plane and then, what other planes they built. I would pester my mother to take me to the local book stores in the area malls to see if there was anything I could find that was not already at my free library. I would even pester her to take me to the libraries of neighboring towns so that I could find fresh sources of research materials on the SR-71 Blackbird.

As a child, I decided in my heart that one day, I would grow-up and work for the company that made this plane. And although I have since moved on to a different corporation, I can look back fondly at those childhood dreams realizing now that even then, I was sowing the seeds to my 10 year career as an Engineer with Lockheed Martin.  The same can be said of our Chi Energy training.

Developing a “Chi Energy Form” is a lot like searching through old books in dimly lit rooms in a quiet library when our friends are out playing. After hours of searching, we find only bits and pieces… and while others look at us confusedly, our genuine love of and expectation to someday realize a tangible form drives us still onward: the temperature; the emotional content and; the image all coming together.

The search for the SR-71 was not the only realized request I made in the days of my youthful innocence – when I was without bounds or limits, when I was closest to my true, spirit self other doors opened with only one knock, and although 20 years later…  still more are opening on the horizon.  Think back to your own journey. Did you ever give up on the essence of a goal or an idea? Did a door ever open without realizing, days or weeks or even years later that you knocked without ceasing?

This realization will happen for all of us who continue in this method of bioenergy development.  Always, with consistency and the expectation success… and you will find that you have achieved your goal…

Enjoy the journey.
Sifu Brown MSIS [Certified Chi Energy Instructor]

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