How a Chi Energy Instructor uses Chi

A Chi Energy Instructor’s Unique Abilities

How a Chi Energy Instructor uses Chi

  • Chi Energy Instructor John highlights his personal benefits during his time in the School of Chi Energy.
  • How Chi Energy Instructor John uses his chi energy training to change his (Body, Mind and Spirit).
  • Chi Energy Instructor John shares a recent incident where he used his energy to help out the group he was working with on a project.
  • Instructor John talks about training his chi students and their results.
  • John explains how he was able to get in touch with his own spirit using the school’s chi method.

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Testimonials from Chi Energy Students, who were or are currently in the School at the time of the interview. These ten chi energy students are a small percentage of the overall enrolled students in the school.  This cross-section of interviews is typical of our chi student’s results.  Students vary in range from 70+ to college level age and received no compensation for their testimonials.


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  1. I really enjoyed this interview 🙂 I especially appreciated the part about getting in touch with our own spirits. I noticed that my ability to play the piano has improved tremendously since I started with the school and I know its because of the building of the nerve fibers. There is no other explanation

  2. A Facebook response to the Interview:

    Auwn Alfred – So nice an interview, a very relaxed and pleasant listening for me, thank you

    The School of Chi Energy – Thank you for your comment. What is unique is that the chi energy method can change your daily life. John was able to change the outcome of his entire work group due to his level four build up of energy in form. In fact, John tells of many insights about the chi energy method in this interview. Chi Instructors know there are many of us interested who would like a tangible way of performing with this electrical type of energy that are really biophotons called (chi, prana, energy, qi, reiki energy, etc.). What this chi training method does is take the energy person to the next level to experience this tangibility with high level techniques. Yet there are many that never felt energy before or what the attributes are like. In this type of chi training, they do just as well as the ones who have…

    Auwn Alfred – But the concept is still hard to figure tho. Changing the outcome of the entire group but what did actually change at the moment he performed those techniques ? Where the people aware of something as this is a tangible feeling.. ?

    The School of Chi Energy – This is what we teach students to tune into while in Chi School. It can’t be learned in a chat on Facebook or taught overnight. People who are intrigued with this type of interview will find themselves listening to more of our seminars and articles. Then perhaps they will find it is time to invest their time in training. We want help those who want to help themselves as they train to build up the nerve fibers and learn to tune into chi energy while in Chi School
    Auwn Alfred – Of course

    The School of Chi Energy – We work for the School since the Sifus are teaching private lessons to students each day… Each student is responsible for their chi energy exercises everyday. It is easy to perform these daily yet so many want to have “energy” immediately that they miss what is going on with professional training. However there are many people all over the world that do succeed with the online teachings in the School of Chi Energy and private training. Chi Energy Support (Paul and Janet)

    The School of Chi Energy – That is who the sifus help and invest their time with is those individuals that first help themselves and then ask how to do it better…

    The School of Chi Energy – You yourself are one of those individuals since you had taken the time to reach out and understand better…

    Auwn Alfred – Yes i talked with Sifu Cicero on Skype just one time and it wasn’t even a private lesson, since then I’ve improved more in one month then past 6 months

    The School of Chi Energy – Sifu Cicero is always transferring energy in the right ways… and seeing how you handle the “particular energy load” for your level. However it takes training to know what to do with the energy in terms of how to build circuits… That’s all I’ll say for now since it will only create more questions that will need the experience of chi energy training to answer.

    Auwn Alfred – You’re right things become so more and more interesting at every piece of information, just great. Thank you.

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