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  1. Hello. I want to know if it’s possible to have an unlimited amount of chi. An endless mount.
    Is there a limit to how much we can have?

  2. Hello. I was thinking about nutrition regarding to chi energy. I will someday become a raw foodist or a raw vegan. What will be the best approach to get the most of my training with this diet?

  3. Hi I want to know, how do you measure the biophotons emission? I am really interested in testing with a device the changes on the emission (chi projection) of biophotons when doing chi excercises. I assume that you are also talking of biophotons as those light frecuencies that tare on the visible and ultraviolet spectrum …so I suppose that some kind of UV camera would be useful to see these changes.

    Can you recommend any specific device that is available in the market?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • Hello John,

      Please visit our site and you can find out how the School of Chi Energy teaches students how to cultivate chi energy from their body’s nerve fiber system. When you arrive a the School’s web site: The School of Chi Energy you’ll find green button links that will help you to learn about the first year of a chi energy student and more. There are many pages of information and articles at the School of Chi Energy plus free seminars to download.

      You learn from the information that Chi Cultivation at the School of Chi Energy is a method that students learn to build up high levels of energy using their body’s own entire nerve fiber system. Chi Students practice a daily nerve fiber building energy exercise that engages the release of biophotons from the nerve fibers which then mold into a tangible “energy form”. Students learn how to utilize these ‘energy forms’ with the transfer of a good feeling and cool temperature into the biophotons to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques. There are energy modalities that do teach a student how to move around their chi (liquid chi), but they do not teach this unique technique of actually forming the chi “into place”.

      Thank you and have a great chi day,
      Chi Energy Support /Paul

    • Absolutely, We now have your School of Chi Energy Year One\Month One open for your first set of monthly classes to learn the Nerve Fiber Energy Exercise to begin to learn how to builup up biophotons while using the dials of good feeling and a cool temperature to control the buildup.

      Thank you,
      Chi Energy Support /Paul

  4. Hi, I tried using chi energy on my own to open my chakras. I had no training whatsoever before doing this. I basically focused all my energy on my hands and put my hands close to where the chakras are. I had probably made 2, 3 sessions. My last session lasted a long time, it was intense and I could feel that my hands were really hot. The next day, I realized that my hands had a darker color than usual, as if they were sun burnt. I also had this burning sensation in my hands, they were hotter than usual basically.
    At first, I was really surprised and couldn’t understand this change of color and the heat. Then I remembered my chi session and I was sure it happened because of my use of chi energy. It was around 15 degrees of spring weather at the time, so it’s not possible to get a tan.

    Could you please tell me what this means? How did my hands get a tan? Was it because I focused too much energy on my hands? What did I do wrong, and how can I avoid something like that the next time I’d like to use the chi energy?

    • Seda,

      It would be best to explain upfront that our chi energy cultivation is a four year training program. I could not explain all that you need to know or have built up with the cultivation of chi to provide a satisfactory answer.

      Yet – I’ve thought about this for a while and would like you to consider visiting and practicing the Organ Balancing Chi Energy Exercises that we offer free to the public. Please click this link Organ Balancing with Chi Energy. This may help you to understand a different way to use a cool and good feeling type of transfer of chi instead of a intense force that produces a uncomfortable heat. You’ll find other things on this page but focus on the two Organ Balancing videos.

      Thank you,
      Chi Energy Support /Paul

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some pointers about how to control my chi , I’ve read articles about people having electro magnetic force between their hands , normally , I wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve felt it so I am left with no other choice, I have been practicing bring my hands closer and further while keeping in touch with chi , but if I practice for more than five minutes everyday I get a tingling feeling in my hands throughout the next day.
    I could really use some pointers on what I should do…

    • Agastya,

      If you watch the palm test video you’ll hear about the good feeling and cool attributes. Here is the link (slider has the palm test). Try it out.

      Then listen and read the many free mp3 audios and articles on the School site and you hear more and more about ‘formed chi’ and a good feeling and cool temperature transfer into biophotons. You’ll hear in the audios that heat is the tingle at low levels of chi buildup. Higher levels of chi buildup demand temperature control.

      Chi or biophotons can be cultivated into a specialized form of biophotons. The more cultivation of biophotons the more the electrical magnetic ‘energy’ becomes very ‘hot’ which is way beyond a tingle feeling. Watch the Rhine Center video for explains this and more. Here is the link

      Thank you,
      Chi Energy Support /Paul

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