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Warp Space and Time with Chi Energy

What does warping space and time have to do with Chi Energy.  I’ve discovered while reading up on zero point energy and how these electromagnetic fluctuations correlate with our chi training, I came across a bit of research that reminded me of something we experience in form training. In MIT’s Technology Review, the article “Engineers Unveil First Casimir Chip That Exploits the Vacuum Energy”, the following statement caught my interest: “microscopic objects tend to warp and bend.”

It brought to mind the first time Sifu Jones the head instructor at the School of Chi Energy introduced me to ‘Energy Form Training‘.  He kept going over the importance of the good feeling and cool temperature attributes transferred into the biophotons that I’d needed to stay mindful about – in tandem with hearing his words to not let the energy form morph.

I’ve learned thru this type of Chi Energy Cultivation Method that clumping together subatomic particles into a specific form is challenging only in it’s unfamiliarity.  Consider – the fact that this is an abstract concept that many of us are not aware that we can do, until we’ve spent some time performing the activity. Furthermore, it seems that the world’s most prominent physicists are having a similar challenge, finding that microscopic objects warp and bend. Our forms, built using subatomic particles, naturally morph.

As Chi Energy Students, we know how to build up energy in our entire nerve fiber system each day.  We learn how to guide the bioenergy, which behaves like electricity with temperature control and relaxation; knowing it is a skill of recalibrating temperature control to correct morphing. It takes training time to learn how to “mold” biophotons into an Energy Form. Like forming hot metal into a mold it is this very precise procedure of cooling biophotons to mold an energy form correctly. The Chi Energy Student learns that the Circular Chi Method is a type of electrical cultivation process to form biophotons in place.

After the Chi Student learns that it is thru a temperature and a good feeling transfer that these biophotons mold into a tangible “energy form”; they understand and are taught how to utilize these ‘energy forms’ to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.  Chi Students and Instructors alike come to know there are energy modalities that do teach a student how to move around their chi (liquid chi), but they do not teach this unique technique of actually forming the chi “into place” to perform energy abilities at a professional level.

The Energy Form will morph during the building process however applying the correct type of cooling process the energy form will start to hold in place. Energy Forms that are built with temperature control hold together and when used for healing and extreme abilities these energy forms have powerful results that are reliable and stable. We really are engaging the building blocks of the fabric of reality. More on the Casimir force/zero point energy later…

In the interim:
Be well; be mindful.

Don Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]

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