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Chi Energy and the Vagus Nerve

At the School of Chi Energy, increasing Health and Advanced Unique Abilities is based on cultivating bioenergy from the body’s nerve fibers system. One of the largest nerve fibers in the body is the Vagus Nerve.  To cultivate chi energy with a nerve fiber building method the Vagus Nerve is a important consideration.  The School teaches that without proper instruction the cultivation of this type of bioenergy cultivated from the nerve fiber system can be wrought with potential pitfalls.

Seemingly innocuous, these dangers without proper guidance and mindful engagement, can produce other side effects other than that which makes your energy levels incredible better.  Aware of this aspect, the Chi Energy Instructors encourage their students in training to transfer a cool temperature that soothes the nerve fiber system.  This cooling process includes the all important Vagus Nerve that has far reaching effects to the endocrine system and more.  The reasons are scientifically fascinating.

At the base of the neck is the longest nerve in the body called the Vagus Nerve, a nerve that is a critical component to the entire nervous system of the human body. The vagus nerve is a mixed nerve and emerges from the medulla oblongata numerous roots. It innervates the organs of the neck, chest cavity, digestive tract, organs retro-peritoneal space.  It contains motor, sensory and autonomic (parasympathetic) fibers.  According to Dr. Tracey, the vagus nerve transmits electrical impulses to and from several organs and the brain. What is important to consider is that the vagus nerve is part of the circuit that is the human nervous system and responsible for the transmission of the chemical agent responsible for inflammation: tumor necrosis factor (TNF).


In the article, “Shock Medicine” the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research documents the research by Dr. Kevin Tracey and his exploration into the field of “electronic medicine”.  According to Dr. Tracey’s research, the vagus nerve has the ability to control inflammation within the human body. Whereas there are moments when inflammation is the correct response, it is a rarity indeed. More often than not, inflammation is a health hazard and left unchecked, can result in many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Heretofore, the interconnected nature of the nervous system and the immune system was something that was largely overlooked. It would seem that these two systems are integrated in more ways than we are currently aware. At the cutting edge of this research is the vagus nerve.

Dr. Tracey developed an electrical device that stimulates the vagus nerve and prevents production of TNF by a type of immune cell called a macrophage, effectively inhibiting inflammation. Students at the School of Chi Energy can do this very same thing without expensive and invasive surgery.  Students do this by simply following the instructions provided by Sifus’ Jones and Cicero with a step by step method of building bioenergy or better said biophotons to high levels for healing and extreme abilities. In tandem, the School of Chi Energy Practitioner is taught by being mindful of particular attributes of how to change their inner temperature thus effecting the vagus nerve.  These key attributes are how they can control the response of the vagus nerve and how it interacts with the larger circuit that is our nervous system and have it propagate the tangible sensations of a good feeling and a cool temperature throughout our host bodies, feeding into the organs themselves.

Sadly, when we fail to remain mindful and control the attributes, electricity, bio or otherwise, is still electricity: it is hot and very destructive. Left unchecked, inflammation is the least of the concerns. However, mindful guidance of the attributes of bio electricity and how we engage our host bodies makes all the difference.


Hopefully these sentiments will resonate and encourage you in your training.
In the interim, as always:
Be well; be mindful.

Sifu Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]

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