I am sure that everyone had such experience when someone tells you something or you read something and you realize that chunks of information you knew before and some of your own experiences suddenly stick together, like a pieces of a puzzle, and line up in a solid theory. Actually, this is how most of theories are born: there are some facts and scientists are trying to explain them. Well, something like that had happened to me when Sifu Cicero told me about importance of cool in the Chi system she is teaching.

First, from my childhood years I knew that in order to not get sick with respiratory illnesses – cool showers are a simple natural and effective tool. Those who swim outside year around – go even further in strengthening their immune system. Some people even take “bath” in ice-holes – ice or winter swimmers. This method is proven and nobody argues its benefits and effectiveness. The key-word here is “cool”.

Another thing everyone has heard about: cryogenics, cryobiology, cryonics, etc. – different applications of low temperatures in physics, biology, medicine and other fields. Some of us have heard about cryotherapy or cryogenic chamber therapy, while the vast majority at least has used a simple ice pack on an injured area of the body to reduce inflammation.

Next, we all have read about different prehistoric animals had been recovered from the solid piece of ice, like that baby mammoth in Siberia: it is cold who prevented them from decomposing. In the same area lie science fiction stories and real life experiments for cryostasis – the reversible cryopreservation of live biological objects: when someone was frozen for a hundred or more years and then was thawed up and continued normal biological activity.

In fact, we all know that cold preserves organic tissues: everyone is using refrigerators and freezers to prevent food from spoiling.

Thus, when Sifu Cicero had told me how important to be cool in the system she is teaching – I cannot say I was too much surprised: a little – yes, because my previous Sifu was always talking about heat, feeling heat, increase heat, and I thought “Chi is heat”, while different Chi Gong systems are simply using different methods and exercises to make this heat (read Chi) stronger. Now I know that Chi can be hot and can be cool. I know that hot Chi can hurt, not only those on whom it is applied, but also the applicant himself. I also know that cool Chi is much safer: any Chi if used in a wrong way can hurt the practitioner, but you can thaw up if you freeze, and if you burned – that’s it.

So, all said above is very well fits in a theory that cool is good for our physical bodies, for our health (in terms of modern western medicine).

Another aspect of cool that Sifu Cicero had told me: it is necessary to increase sensitivity, and sensitivity is “a must” in Chi training. At first it seems strange: we all know that when we are getting too cold – we stop feeling in the areas of our bodies that are frozen – they get numb. However, adding another factor to that claim (which is definitely applicable to me and most likely to the majority of people) – there is too much inflammation in our bodies, too much heat, which “burns” our nerves and such reduces our sensitivity – I had to agree that my sensitivity will increase along with me cooling down. I am too hot – this is why I can’t feel strong enough – I need to cool down to reduce the heat level in me (it is still a long way until I reach that degree of cool when sensitivity is going down again, and also pretty much unreachable: when I get sensitive enough, I simply will know when to stop).

So, cool is good for Chi training, and strong Chi – is health (in terms of eastern medicine).

Finally, the sociological/psychological factor: who does not want to be considered “cool”? Some may claim that they don’t: well, maybe in a narrow understanding of this modern term. I don’t mean tattoos, leather outfit, weird haircut, outrageous behavior and thing of this nature. Nobody wants to be ignored: by family members, co-workers, managers, sales people and so on – everybody wants to be respected in some way or another, which pretty much means to be “cool” in a broader sense. Cool down your thoughts, get rid of hatred, arrogance, try to always remember “if you argue with an idiot – he is doing the same thing too”.

If anything can be added to the pool of arguments about usefulness of being cool – it will only sustain the idea of “cool = good”.

The School of Chi Energy Training is the way!

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