Emotional Stability with the Chi Energy Method

Is it possible to have emotional stability without using drugs?

It is possible to have an increase emotional stability learning the Chi Energy Method.  Since they learn how using specific chi techniques on their own body’s nervous system, would make something like that possible. By teaching the student how to strengthen their own body’s nerve fiber system, they learn to emit more energy from their body in the form of bio-energy or bio-photons. These emitted bio-photons that are released from your body’s nerve fibers can be harnessed, so that you can use the energy in order to make a form. This “formed energy or chi form” is really formed bio-photons that act in an electrical manner or in the same way that electricity acts.

Students learn to use these chi forms that they can physically feel, in a specific way, so that the student can control their own body’s hormonal flow. Since we teach the student exactly where to send these energy forms through their own body, they are able to release their hormones into their bloodstream which will make their body feel good. One hormone that is called serotonin is one that your body naturally produces and when it’s released into the body’s bloodstream makes that person feel really good. Some students say when they learn that particular chi technique, that it makes them feel euphoric for hours.

Our Instructors have gone through most of the energy methods available and learned what does and doesn’t work well with the body. The energy exercises we teach are very powerful, so we teach students how to avoid bad side effects.The best part is that since we don’t have the student use the head area to make these hormonal changes, it doesn’t have the typical bad side effects that other methods can teach you, that do involve using the head area. There have been great gains in modern medicine and the things we now know about how the body works. Most the energy modalities that have been around for years do not include this new knowledge. Our School of Chi Energy does include this new information and makes it readily available to our students. If you are looking for emotional stability in your life, maybe it time you check out what the School of Chi Energy could do for you.

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