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The Chi Energy Cultivation Method and Hacking the Shell

by Sifu Brown  [Chi Energy Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]


The articles “Half a Million DVDs of Data Stored in Gram of DNA” by Wired and “Researchers A-C-T on DNA Storage” by Scientific America sparked my interest and I would like to share my pursuits with the Chi Energy Training International Community.  Cultivating Chi with the Chi Energy Form Training Method, we understand that our true selves, the spirit beings that we are, are indeed timeless – immortal even. And although our physical bodies are aging slower as a result of the Chi Energy method, and we are growing healthier, we are still (seemingly) at the mercies of our physical animal host’s programming.

What I am thinking of, however, is this: our physical host bodies remember everything about their existence; our optimal physical health; our most efficient metabolic rates and; the conditions of our best rest. The list is not exhaustive – it remembers everything that went terribly awry in our lives as well. To this end, I have been challenging myself, engaging my spirit being to mindfully tune into and turn on the data stored within my DNA, selectively hacking my own shell, to respond to any past conditions that may have been more favorable.

For example, although I no longer have the time to train in martial arts and weight lifting 4 hours a day, my body remembers what that was like. As such, I believe that telling the body to recall that information, it will respond to and behave as if those conditions were present. I’m looking forward to seeing tangible results over the next few weeks… People hack and modify computers, cars, buildings – almost anything these days, via code and command prompts. Our brains are organic bio quantum computers, and the physical host shell is network on which it resides, and our spirits are the Programmers…

I’ve decided… time to hack!

Be well; be mindful…

Chi Energy Instructor

Sifu Brown
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  1. This sounds really interesting. I’ve always wondered if one becomes sensitive enough whether he or she could manipulate their body in more ways than with hormones. I look forward to the results of this experiment.

    • Hello Tyler,

      Great Question…

      We know you have almost completed your Year One Chi Energy Training. During that time you’ve learned many Chi Energy techniques that can change the health and performance of your physical body. You’ve also learned how to transfer a cool temperature and good feeling while building up your nerve fibers in Year One. Soon you’ll take the open book Year One Chi Energy Test. In Year Two you’ll learn a new Chi Energy Form that will be more powerful then in Year one and more changes will occur.

      Take a look at our Year Two and Year Three curriculum. Below are several examples of the many classes that will teach you how to use your Chi Energy Form in a expanded way of influence.

      There is so much more…to the entire “Chi Energy Training Course”.

      Year Two Month Four

      Video 208: Wall to Wall Energy Form Exercise
      MP3 209: Advanced Quantum Energy Healing: Part One
      MP3 210: Advanced Quantum Energy Healing: Part Two
      MP3 211: Wall to Wall Energy Form Lecture
      PDF: Wall to Wall

      Video 208: Wall to Wall Form Exercise

      Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to perform this new two to five minute sensitivity wall to wall exercise. Sifu Cicero instructs with an easy to use visualization prop. Students learn that a relax focus and body is required to buildup and guide the wall to wall energy form. With practice, you’ll learn how to gently command the flow of this energy form first through a room and then into larger areas.

      MP3 211: Wall to Wall Energy Exercise Lecture

      Sifu Jones instructs students how to guide and expand their bio-energy form to take up more space. Students learn the details of why they are performing this two to five minute sensitivity exercise. You’ll learn how this powerful bioenergy form can create a quantum healing effect for a large group or area. Students will learn how to build up more and more of an energy form by practicing daily their wall to wall exercise.

      Video 311: Tone of Voice Chi Training

      Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to perform a tone of voice chi exercise. Students learn that the Tri-concept is still required for this two to five minute sensitivity exercise. You’ll learn that your tone of voice is used to guide the biophotons into a circular energy form.

      MP3 312: Tone of Voice and Chi Form

      Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown have a class discussion on how sounds affect your bio-energy. They specifically go over with students how to use the circular way of using energy with tones and sounds. Students learn how heavy chi used with circular round tones enhances their healing abilities when dealing with others. Students find out how projected sounds can have profound effects, when used in conjunction with their body’s pheromones. They’ll learn by using projected chi in a particular pattern can cause a hypnotic type of effect.

  2. Hello Sifu,

    This sounds interesting. Let us know what kind of results you get. I’m interested in using chi for enhancement of my physical and cognitive faculties as well 🙂


  3. I started again on a regular basis with my Chi nerve fiber excercises and my body responded immediately, it was like “thank you, it feels good”….and my body cooperates fully every day now….

  4. This is very intriguing Sifu Brown,
    Here is something I started working on.

    When I was 13 I hurt my left knee running down a very steep hill. I tried to stop to quick and my keen popped up trying to bend in the wrong direction and did some pretty serious damage.
    I eventually had to have surgery on it. The tendon on the inside of my knee had to be completely removed. This made the knee, wobbly and unstable. I always had to be careful about how I stepped up or down a set of stairs. I spent years leading with my right leg and never my left for fear of pain and injury.

    Fast forward to adulthood and I chose Fitness as my career…

    I have always exercised to strength the muscles, tendons and ligaments of my body; I always babied my knee, reminding myself to be cautious with my knee.

    About a month ago I thought to myself…I wonder if…if I remembered the event differently, and could vividly and passionately feel that the event had taken place differently, if it would change anything in my physical body.

    So, I started thinking about the event, but instead of my knee popping up, I remembered that I lost my balance and rolled forward hitting the ground hard, rolling forward laughing!
    When I walk and exercise I focus on my right knee and how it feels and moves, then I project that feeling and image on my left knee. I look at images of knee with that tendon in place and vividly image that it is my knees.

    It does appear to be stronger, and a little more stable. I will keep you all posted!

    And of course I am guiding energy through my body daily and I spend a few minutes focused on that knee.

  5. Observations:
    There has definitely been a shift in my thinking about my knee. I’ve noticed that on several occasions now I have led with my left leg, something that I have not done in years.

    It has become more stable. This is very interesting.

    I will continue to update as things shift and change.

    I have fine-tuned and re-wrote the incident to a 5-7 second movie clip that I play over and over in my head…and guide into form.

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