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An Instructor’s Interview from the School of Chi Energy

This is a 2014 Chi Energy Instructor’s Healing Abilities interview, who wrote the School of Chi Energy recently about some very amazing stories of how he used his chi.  Instructor Jack had already went thru a number of his own challenges having gone thru cancer himself. He tells the story of how he was able not only to help himself, but he was also able to help others thru some healing situations.

In part one, listen to why he got into the School in the first place and how the School has helped him. He talks about how he was able to use his healing abilities even while going thru his first four years of Chi training.  In part two, he brings up a recent miracle healing that involved his own grandson. Those amazing stories that occurred, he contributes to God and the training he received through the School of Chi Energy.

Or click this link to download  Chi Instructor Jack’s Interview Part One

Or click this link to download Chi Instructor Jack’s Interview Part Two

The numerous chi energy techniques that are taught throughout the monthly classes instruct the student to a precision level.  Chi Students will learn to actually physically feel their “Energy Form“.  As your skill increases, others will be able to feel your projected chi in a physical way too.

Ultimately, students learn how to cultivate their own body’s nerve fibers by performing the nerve fiber building exercise that releases biophotons.  They learn how to guide this type of energy into a tangible form for advanced abilities and healing.  What the student and instructor learns overtime as they keep building up the body’s nerve fibers, is that they become more and more sensitive to a tangible type of a pressure, density and mass made up of biophotons in a specialized form.

For more information on Healing with Chi Energy please visit: The School of Chi Energy or our School of Chi Energy online curriculum catalog

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