The School of Chi Energy

The Chi Energy Cultivation Method and Hacking the Shell

by Sifu Brown  [Chi Energy Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]


The articles “Half a Million DVDs of Data Stored in Gram of DNA” by Wired and “Researchers A-C-T on DNA Storage” by Scientific America sparked my interest and I would like to share my pursuits with the Chi Energy Training International Community.  Cultivating Chi with the Chi Energy Form Training Method, we understand that our true selves, the spirit beings that we are, are indeed timeless – immortal even. And although our physical bodies are aging slower as a result of the Chi Energy method, and we are growing healthier, we are still (seemingly) at the mercies of our physical animal host’s programming.

What I am thinking of, however, is this: our physical host bodies remember everything about their existence; our optimal physical health; our most efficient metabolic rates and; the conditions of our best rest. The list is not exhaustive – it remembers everything that went terribly awry in our lives as well. To this end, I have been challenging myself, engaging my spirit being to mindfully tune into and turn on the data stored within my DNA, selectively hacking my own shell, to respond to any past conditions that may have been more favorable.

For example, although I no longer have the time to train in martial arts and weight lifting 4 hours a day, my body remembers what that was like. As such, I believe that telling the body to recall that information, it will respond to and behave as if those conditions were present. I’m looking forward to seeing tangible results over the next few weeks… People hack and modify computers, cars, buildings – almost anything these days, via code and command prompts. Our brains are organic bio quantum computers, and the physical host shell is network on which it resides, and our spirits are the Programmers…

I’ve decided… time to hack!

Be well; be mindful…

Chi Energy Instructor

Sifu Brown

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