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BioPhotons of Light entangle with temperature control

One of the most interesting aspects of the School of Chi Energy biophoton circular method lies within adjusting the cool temperature range. Keeping the energy cool is easy to adjust yet difficult for many of us, myself included.  Student and Instructors alike know thru our training at the School that lowering the temperature will raise the information that biophotons can store.  When we bring our attention to transferring a cool temperature, while building up high levels of electrical magnetic energy, it is then biophotons entangle to take on more and more tangible properties.  Therefore it becomes even more critical to keep our biophoton energy buildup in a cool temperature range and remain mindful of those temperature ranges knowing that cool is not cold.

Recently an article was brought to my attention regarding the scientific advancements proving the importance of keeping temperatures cool when dealing with quanta. Several articles “New State of Light Revealed With Photon-Trappin Method” & the “Record 100,000 entangled photons detected”  compelled me to continue the investigation into the matter, and share my findings.

As Sifu Jones has said on numerous occasions, and as shown as evidence in the article above and my findings below, the right temperature plays a critical role in the development and propagation of electromagnetic phenomena, and, furthermore; it is only by keeping the temperature cool are we able to reach the highest thresholds of electromagnetic manipulation.  The School of Chi Energy Method’s type of cool temperature is “room temperature” to the bioenergy buildup in a specialized form.  It is the biophoton energy form that we (student and instructor) endeavor to keep within particular temperature ranges.  Over time the buildup of biophotons that behave like electricity build up more and more heat (pressure and density) into a tangible form as students & instructors alike perform the daily Chi Energy Nerve Fiber Building exercise.   Those of us in the Chi Energy Method are taught how to adjust to the heat buildup with a cool temperature range.  Thru practical experience we know that transferring too cold or too hot of a temperature does not entangle the photons properly to mold into a specialized energy form.

In “New State of Light Revealed With Photon-Trappin Method”, Alex Kruchkov, a doctoral student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has built the first quantitative mathematical model for trapping and condensing light under realistic conditions writes: “Light consists of tiny quantum particles called photons. One of the most spectacular properties of quantum particles is that they can condense or lose their individual identity and behave like clones of each other, becoming a single gigantic wave called a Bose-Einsteincondensate (BEC). [Wacky Physics: The Coolest Little Particles in Nature].  Usually, it happens at extremely low temperatures — less than a micro-kelvin, or a millionth of a degree above absolute zero. But “one of the most exciting things about the BEC of light is that it happens at room temperature,” said Henrik Ronnow of EPFL.  A photon trapped in such a cavity behaves as if it had mass; in other words, the cavity creates a “trapping potential,” keeping the photons from escaping.  Kruchkov created a recipe. Using mathematics and building on previous models, the physicist developed a theoretical model for condensing light in three-dimensional space and under realistic conditions. “Additionally, I showed that the energy of light can be accumulated in the condensed state of photons,” he said.

The implications for the cultivation of biophotons, as within this School of Chi Energy Method, are equally as staggering. With the understanding that photons are effected by our intentions thru our tone of voice and thoughts as demonstrated by the classic “two slit” experiment in physics, we have the ability to affect the building blocks of space time. Furthermore, as common sense would dictate, the more biophotons we create, the larger our sphere of influence. These quanta carry information. Our thoughts, intentions, emotional content and expectations are all sources of information and carried along with the biophotons. A large number of entangle biophotons act as one entity; this is synergistic in effect. By keeping the energy cool [good feeling] we are better able to affect the space-time fabric as we desire.

This cooling (air condition type of temperature) of bioenergy naturally lends itself to entanglement, which works in our favor, especially when we are playing by the [win – win] rules.

As always, be well;
Be Mindful.
Sifu Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor] for The School of Chi Energy

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