As an energy practitioner, I would highly endorse the curriculum at the Online School of Chi Energy due to many reasons. I consider my past experiences with practicing different branches of energy cultivation as a precursor, studying with Malay, Indian and Indonesian Inner Power and Kundalini Yoga (and other mystical paths).

It is like a fresh breath of air to find a great (re)source of link-minded students of Bio-energy. The curriculum is loaded with insights along with logical explanations, not fluffy new-age. It is takes out some of the guess work and gives practicality. Another cool thing is that you can actually see and feel the results, giving credibility to your practice. It is also wise to follow experienced teachers instead of going blindly; because of my experience with adverse side effects from energy training these things can make a difference.

Most beneficial, is the curriculum gives a sense of a timetable, so you can gauge your progress. Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero give clear cut and concise monthly programs to follow. The student will find clear explanations along with diagrams for both the visual and analytical. I must say this curriculum can help provide that explanation to some age-old questions of Internal Energy – truly beneficial!

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