Chi Energy, Cool Pheromones and Employment Opportunities

From Yang to Yin: A Chi Gal’s Experience by Joy

I’m still in my first year at the School of Chi Energy, and I must say, I feel like years have passed within months.  Everything has changed so fast, and so drastically, it’s even hard for me to grasp at times.  But I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

In the beginning, I pushed hard like most of us do, thinking I was in fact at a “yin” state.  When I started to become overly emotional about the smallest things, or becoming tired and falling asleep during the day, I didn’t really understand it.  I thought, am I not supposed to be amping up my energy in a way that I have an abundance of it?  Yet I was also experiencing a roller coaster ride in my life and situations.  I learned later that the school is set up so that we can learn from our mistakes, which makes sense because throughout my life, that is ultimately how I’ve learned many things.

After months of doing my exercises and fine-tuning them with private sessions, I finally got to a point where I could really relax and guide the energy around my body instead of using excessive mental force.  You just have to let yourself completely go.  It feels like surrendering when you melt into existence and become one with it.  And boy, is it relieving to be at a super relaxed state!

We grew up with the “no pain, no gain” mentality, so I understand why sometimes it’s hard for us to just relax and let nature take its course.  Upon going to this school, my understanding of this cool temperature and good feeling has expanded so greatly and has affected my life in so many positive ways.  I know I can put out a fire just like that in any situation by applying the Tri-Concept that the school always emphasizes on.

I also know that I’m doing something right when I get 6 people offering me a job on the same day!  And I never even reached out to any of them.  They came to me.  Talk about law of attraction kicking in.  I just chuckled because I knew I was doing the exercises in a cool, good feeling way.

My relationship with my boyfriend has also greatly improved.  I am now fully living in the present moment when I’m around him.  I realized that I don’t need to be such a hard judge on myself or others.  We are all in this together and by knowing that, I am a softer judge on everyone, including myself.

When people around me seem to be in a good mood, I also smile to myself because I know.  It’s like a chain reaction: when you’re nice and cool and feeling good, everything and everyone around you can feel it.  It’s wonderful!  When I focus on building a loving relationship with myself, it radiates from my being, and people are inspired and affected by that in a profound way.  J


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