Energy Healing Precision learned from Telekinesis

Training at the online School of Chi Energy students learn healing precision from the outside in…

The School of Chi Energy Student learns to build up their entire Nerve Fiber System with the Nerve Fiber Building exercise.  Students learn to mold “biophotons” in place, which develops into a tangible specialized type of energy form.  Along with their 20 minute Nerve Fiber Building exercise, they learn to practice specific types of two to five minute Sensitivity Training exercises.  Below is an example of how Year One Chi Energy Student is performing their two to five minutes Sensitivity Training exercises to learn energy healing techniques from the outside in.

Some of these 2 to 5 minute Sensitivity Training exercises are moving a straw, sensing objects thru closed containers or doors, sensing the temperature changes and density of different colors and learning to bend metal.  The Year One Students are learning to prepare for the more powerful energy exercises they will be learning in Year Two.  Year One Students learn the importance of projecting good feeling and cool temperature into their energy form in order to make better gains in cultivating large amounts of energy.

Chi Energy students build energy (biophotons) by performing their daily nerve fiber building to increase the capacity of the nerve fiber to handle a larger throughput of bioenergy.   They learn how to mold and form liquid chi into specialized shapes that hold in place.  Even beginning Year One students learn how to use this energy form to project learning to tune into the tangible “energy form”. We teach students more precise ways of using their energy form inside the body and outside the body.  In actuality, there is no difference however the physical host body\mind has old ways of thinking.  However our Chi Energy sensitivity two to five minute exercises teaches how to form new habits with guiding and tuning into a tangible energy shape that has “form” to be precise in cause and effect.

This is a telekinesis demonstration from one of our chi energy students. He uses a circular chi energy projection technique that each student learns during their first year of their training at the online School of Chi Energy.  Chi Students learn to move objects in Year One \ Month Two of their training. This is a two to five minute sensitivity exercise students practice along with learning how to build high amounts of bioenergy in their body for advanced abilities and healing techniques. Students learn a series of these two to five minute sensitivity exercises learning how to project their own chi that they build up to high levels. The technique is taught to the student using an easy to follow step by step method.

Chi Energy Student Patrick: I was in my chew (where I slept) in Iraq during the time that this was filmed. This was my first time ever doing this, so it kind of freaked me out a little bit. I had my roommate come in to watch me do it also, just to have one witness. The reason I even attempted to do this was because I have been going through the School of Chi Energy and this was one of the instructions that I received for that month.

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