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Energy Healing with Biophotons Part One

What Energy Healers need to know about biophotons part one.

Can Nerve Fiber Building Be the Way to Strong Chi…

At the School of Chi Energy online training Energy Healing with Biophotons Part One go hand in hand. Students learn how to build up or cultivate Qi Energy to high levels. In School, the new student learns step by step a Chi Cultivation Method that teaches them to build up their entire body’s nerve fiber system. As they perform this Qi Energy exercise for twenty minutes a day, the process releases a type of light called biophotons upon the nerve fiber’s synapse firing that have a type of electrical magnetic component. This is the first part of a student’s training.

The next part of their training that the student will learn is how to mold these biophotons into a healing energy form for advanced abilities and healing techniques. Why does this cultivation method work better than normal energy healing methods? It is due to the repetition of this special energy exercise that allows for the buildup to reach high levels with a good feeling and a cool temperature that is transferred into this energy form of biophotons.

This energy form thru repetition and adjustments becomes very ‘heavy with biophotons’. Heavy Chi when in ‘Form’ allows for the movement of space and time E=MC2 thru the body and outside the body. It is true anyone can build up “Liquid Chi” to move objects, people or perform healings; however, there is no “Form of Heavy Chi” that can control a variety of attributes to perform the types of healing and advanced techniques at tangible levels with precision like this method teaches.

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