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Chi Energy to Attract or Repel

Postby Sifu Brown prepared for Chi Energy Practitioners

How to use Chi Energy to attract or repel made perfect sense after reading this article on “Bright Idea: New “Tractor Beam” Proposal Relies on Negative Radiation Pressure”. I was immediately excited about the findings and implications regarding Chi Energy Training and the ways of chi cultivation. I am also excited about this blog forum, as I believe energy healers, Qigong and chi energy practitioners here within this forum are at a level where they have not only done their training, but their homework and can add value and express their opinions because they have and will continue to do their homework and continue the training methodologies.

There are many ways to perform a telekinesis; however, not all techniques are created equal. For example, we have seen in yang techniques of moving ping pong balls where the practitioner is muscling the chi to the extent that the technique is uncontrollable. Certainly, something “moves”, but the control factor is often missing. Furthermore, the after effects of a yang technique are so unpleasant that the cost is not worth the purchase; physical, emotional and psychological frustrations are guaranteed resultants when engaging in yang development or behavior. No one is exempt.

However, upon reading this article, the theories proposed by the scientists brought to mind the nature of yin telekinesis techniques as shared to me by Sifu Jones the head Instructor at the School of Chi Energy. Using our energy, pulsing the objects with our bio-photons as when we determine the color of a piece of paper when blindfolded or determine the identity of an object sealed in a canister.

When relaxed enough, we can actually sense the vibration or frequency of the object. The success of a technique is largely determined not only of our state of relaxation and ability to create the form, but equally important, our mind intent.

Pull to Attract vs. Push to Repel

These are exciting times, where we are pushing the very boundaries of what was once thought of as science fiction is now commonplace [cell phones; tablets; voice recognition technologies; etcetera].  Weigh-in and share your thoughts when you’ve had a chance to read the article…

In the interim, be well; be mindful.

Don Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor]

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