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Energy Healing with Invisible Power of Form

The School of Chi Energy is a private online training program that teaches students “Energy Form Training”.  Private training provides each student a way to learn and tangibly tune into energy online. Students are provided Instructor support which is unique in that the student tunes into what ‘energy in form’ feels like with an Instructor right over Skype audio or phone.

What seems like a typical online type of energy training program which provides online video and audio classes turns out to provide an unexpected type of training.  Students learn that this type of training teaches them to ‘associate’ and tune into how to project, guide and perform high level energy healing techniques and extreme abilities.  This is quite a bit different than the normal energy modalities in the public that use a disassociation type of technique.

The newly enrolled chi student learns to build energy with our exclusive nerve fiber building method. In their month one of training the chi student is provided with a free $80.00 private session.  The Sifus want to provide every month one student a good start at chi training.  After month one, Instructor support is thru email and several other free private training sessions during year one.  Students at the School also have the advantage to schedule private training sessions beyond the three free ones provided in year one.

The School of Chi Energy Private Training Sessions with Instructors

Types of Instructor’s sessions:

  • Enrolled Students with Mentoring
  • Scheduled training sessions
  • Pay-as-you-go training session
  • Free training sessions

Please click this link below to view the Instructor Private Training details about Instructor sessions. Also on page two of this document, learn how to save the most money as a student going through the School:

The School of Chi Energy Training Options

Students learn to build specialized “energy forms” through a process called nerve fiber building. Chi Energy Training takes the novice or professional and teaches them how to guide energy into a “form” and project this energy form into specific areas with precision. This is why our students learn and practice the two to five minute sensitivity exercises. Over time with regular daily practice students build up the nerve fibers in their body and learn how to tune into the right type of energy. Then they can experience how the “impossible becomes possible”.  Students will develop a skill that is radically more precise in projecting an “energy form” to manipulate reality in a healing way.

Convenient Online Monthly Training in The School of Chi Energy   

Visit our curriculum links below for course descriptions

Year One Classes          Year Two Classes         Year Three Classes      Year Four Classes

  • Students will how to project their chi energy for advanced abilities and healing techniques.
  • They’ll learn how to perform this unique way of healing by learning our exclusive Tri-concept method.  The Tri-concept is guiding a good feeling and cool temperature bioenergy form through the body using a circular method.
  • Students will learn through practice how to transfer these two bioenergy attributes (a good feeling and a cool temperature) into their healing energy forms.
  • Students will be taught how to have more energy, healthy minds and bodies and know how the law of attraction really works.  They will learn to guide the bioenergy form in order to control their own body’s hormonal flow.
  • Students will also be trained how to guide their energy form to assist the release of Natural Killer Cells which are used to patrol and protect their body.
  • Ultimately, students learn how to guide & use the bioenergy form to perform at least one or more extreme abilities such as: telekinesis, remote viewing, levitation, disappearing techniques, astral travel and out of body experiences. 
  • Each extreme ability we list will be discussed in detail.  Scientifically, we will train the student how each special effect is achieved.

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