The Pushing and Pulling of Qi Energy.

Is Radical Change in the Cultivation of Chi Energy the Answer?


Many people are looking for RADICAL change these days especially with increasing internal energy or chi energy. We want to make ourselves as perfect as we can with high energy levels that bring us to be at the top of our game.  But is this kind of thinking the right way to go?  This seminar mp3 by Sifu Jones from The School of Chi Energy talks about the best way to succeed at teaching your body how to cause radical change in itself.
  • Learn how Chi Energy Cultivation & Meditation in Moderation is a Significant Change.
  • Listen to how plateaus in energy cultivation or build up can be broken thru with temperature control.
  • Listen to how Sifu Jones found how the ancient art of chi cultivation can be explained & worked with in much better ways.

Play now or Download  Would Radical Change solve your problems?

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