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 Chi Energy Daily Cultivation Practice

During the Chi Energy Daily Cultivation Practice Students\Instructors Know:

The School of Chi Energy Nerve Fiber Building Cultivation process does build up biophotons into ‘form’. Over time this form builds to high levels of pressure and density to bend space and time due to repetition with clarity.

They Know: That each and every instruction in the monthly class training videos and audio lectures are the tried and tested way to build up high levels of biophotons in form the fastest yet safe way.

They Know: That when they deviate due to impatience or complacency that they slow down or alter the progress of forming biophotons in a energy healing form. They learn that this can be easily corrected so they can continue to build more formie pressure and density with the good feeling and cool temperature attributes.  Then they know it is a matter of step by step practice and precision to learn how to project energy from sections or fully out of their body’s nerve fiber system into a ‘form of biophotons’.

They Know: How close they are in four years of building chi into an energy form in comparison to the Taoist who takes 30 years to build chi to this level and not even in form. They listen to the Two Sifus talk about this discovery and understand in a practical way what repetition with clarity is all about. To perform a Nerve Fiber Energy Building repetition with clarity means to refresh or recalibrate the transfer of the good feeling and cool attributes. This is the Good Zone when in clarity – the Danger Zone is complacency.

Students\Instructors are encouraged and guided to follow their monthly chi energy training class videos and lectures.  Each student and instructor are asked to email a brief report in written, mp3 or mp4 format besides their free or paid private training.  The Two Sifus and Certified Instructors can them assist them in adjusting the energy and form focus toward the right things, if they deviate from the practice.  They know that these types of feedback are energy adjustments that help them to build more precision into forming biophotons in form. They all know they have a shorter journey to building the biophotons in form to perform advance abilities and healing techniques than any one out in the healing public domain has a right too.

If you like to know more, please visit: The School of Chi Energy.

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