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The scientific process, complete with its equations and hypotheses, is, at its heart, mistake driven.  Trial and error; learn from the mistakes; move forward; try again.  In the article, Boost Intelligence by Focusing on Growth, Melinda Wenner Moyer speaks directly to this process.

In an experiment conducted at Michigan State University, researchers were able to locate and determine the electrical impulses in the human brain that correlated to not only when a mistake was made, but furthermore, to determine the amount of conviction that improvement could be made from learning from the mistake.  This is to say, that, for some of the participants in the study, mistakes were viewed as opportunities to improve.  Interestingly enough, as the study unfolded, these “growth minded” individuals made fewer mistakes than their counterparts- those who believed that intelligence is “fixed”.

Jason Moser, a clinical psychologist at Michigan State and lead author in the study notes:

“A growth mind-set is about focusing on the process—as in the experience—rather than only on the outcome. Setbacks are opportunities to gain infor­mation and learn for the next time, so pay attention to what went wrong and get the information you need to improve.” This article was timely, as I recently had a very similar conversation with Sifu Jones the head instructor at the School of Chi Energy regarding my own chi training and development.

The need for gauging and recalibrating the specificity of the chi attributes and forms is something that I am aware of; however, I admittedly find it a bit tiresome.  It is only when a small dilemma surfaces that I take a moment to fully open up and receive Sifu’s instruction.  In our most recent mentoring session, Sifu Jones reminded me of the need to be more mindful of my attributes, as well as to the direction of my thoughts.  “Get your mind right” takes on a new meaning with each level of growth and progression.  The good news is that, as Sifu explained, the nature of this training is mistake driven; it is through recognizing mistakes that we grow.  Setbacks are opportunities for increased improvement.  This is good news indeed!

Let’s not be too hard on ourselves nor one another – we are all growing at our own paces.  And the sooner we recognize and learn from our mistakes, the faster we experience improvements and as such, a brighter future.

As always, be well; be mindful. V/r

Sifu Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor]

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