Healing Energy Cultivation with No Pain – Greater Gains

The Chi Energy cultivation methodology of the online School of Chi Energy works counter intuitively for many, myself included.

Sadly, I am from the antiquated “no pain – no gain” paradigm that leaves me limping, fatigued, and achy. When I began training under Sifu Jones, my daily regimen consisted of: an hour of high intensity, yang chi forms; a couple of hours of high intensity resistance training topped off with an hour of martial arts which, if I was lucky, ended with a bout of sparring that would leave lumps and bruises for everyone involved.

Even now, knowing better, I still miss those days, and can completely relate with others that have the need to “push”, if only because they need to “push”. When it comes to chi training, pushing things only brings pain. It is a difficult thing to wrap our minds around the effectiveness of shorter, more focused workouts that obey the laws of electricity.

For example, I recently came across an article that cited a plethora of scientific research papers pointing to superior gains in both strength and endurance for athletes. For example, high-intensity interval training (physical exercises), the Tabata method being one such type of HIIT, requires the athlete focus his or her efforts for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest, alternating for eight cycles, which results in greater gains in 20 minutes or less when compared to test subjects whose workouts were in the order of an hour or longer.

Similarly, equally as counter intuitive and with even more precision in focus, are the [yin] chi cultivation exercises taught within the online School of Chi Energy; this results in greater gains within a fraction of the time with no negative side effects when compared with [yang] styles or those that do not factor in the science and laws of electricity, quantum mechanics and how they interplay with the human physical body.

In this methodology, “no pain” is a sign of greater gain. The short, consistent daily workouts of the school’s training regimen produce lasting effects that act as springboards leading a student to exponential growth. Isn’t it nice to have the alternative that the School of Chi Energy offers. Enjoy the journey.

Be well.
Be mindful.


Don Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor]

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