Chi Energy & Time Distortion

Do Biophotons (light energy) in mass have the ability to distort time?

Yes, Chi Energy can Distort time when science backs up E=MC2. This is where time and space can become physically warped with the presence of ‘mass’ or electrical magnetic fields. The result is a gravitational warping of space and time to produce time distortion. Time distortion is what David Sligar (What is a magnetic field? Does a magnet slow time? by David Sligar) explains with some interesting facts.

Even “Brian Greene explains in his book, The Elegant Universe (a 3 part PBS NOVA, Oct. 28, Nov. 4, 2003) that Maxwell’s equations for the electromagnetic field are relativistic.  This implies that an electromagnetic or magnetic field changes the rate at which time flows. The combined ideas of fields, quantum particles, and relativity produce what is known as relativistic quantum field theory.”  Stephen Hawking explains in his book, A Brief History Of  Time that virtual photons are the force carrying particles of the electromagnetic field.

Chi Energy Distorts Time

Richard Feynman refers to photons from a magnet in his book, Q.E.D., The Strange Theory of Light and Matter. Feynman explains that under certain circumstances, including when a very large number of electrons are all moving in the same way, such as going around in the coils of an electromagnet, a large number of photons are emitted, all of exactly the same kind.

Roger Penrose explains in his book, The Emperor’s New Mind that the momentum state wave function of a photon is a corkscrew or helix.

The Emperor’s New Mind, Quantum Mind, Quantum Consciousness, The Laws of Physics

He also explains that all emitted photons must carry some mass because E=mc2.  Think of energy as a highly diluted form of mass or think of mass as a highly concentrated form of energy. Thus one can visualize magnetic attraction and repulsion as streams of photons with their corkscrew shaped wave functions screwing into (attraction) or screwing out of (repulsion) each other. Now you can visualize that forces do indeed arise from an exchange of particles, or their wave functions. It has been suggested that these streams of virtual photons travel along the magnetic lines of force.”

What does this all have to do with Chi Energy?

It found within certain energy methods that Chi or biophotons in mass can warp space and time if built up in a repetitive form.  It is at the School of Chi Energy  that students learn how to build up this type of energy which are biophotons in mass within a specialized “energy form”.  It is this energy form that has the ability to distort time and space to do some amazing things that students learn at this unusual School.

The School of Chi Energy Cultivation Method teaches each student how to buildup chi energy in step by step way and how to manipulate the space time fabric for advanced abilities and healing techniques.

Chi Energy and Time Distortion happens for the Chi Energy Student by learning how to use Formed Chi.  Formed Chi is a cultivation process that each student is taught that builds up their own body’s bio electricity to very high levels.  This electrical-magnetic energy naturally comes from their nerve fiber system produced by the Chi Energy Practice.  Each student is taught how to create a Tangible Form of highly compressed Healing Chi. They learn how to create specific Circular Chi Forms using a cooling temperature conversion transfer process that molds the form into place in and around the body.  The Healing Effects of using Formed Chi are effectively “Life Giving” to both the Chi Practitioner and those to be healed.

The Chi Practice which the beginning student learns is called the Nerve Fiber Building Exercise which prepares their body to buildup, strengthen, elongate and enlarge the nerve fiber system.  As their body’s nervous system becomes stronger, the nerve fibers are able to emit and project much more chi energy or biophotons.  It is after this preparatory buildup of Chi and a Temperature Cooling Process that the chi student is then ready for the higher level chi practice in Year Two.

To Learn more about our Unique School of Chi Energy, please visit this link: The Chi Energy Method Explained.

In the interim: enjoy the journey.


Don Brown MSIS [Certified Chi Energy Instructor]

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