Quantum thought or consciousness is a new world view of science meeting spirituality.

Biophotons (micro) and photons (macro) are communication packets of  information that transfer thought way beyond what we can measure at this time.  There are those at work like physicists like Dean Radin and the field of Biophotonics that open doors beyond just theory.

Training at The School of Chi Energy Heals involves the guiding mind to mold an electromagnetic energy form of biophotons in a tangible way of information.  These packets of biophotons hold the transfer of attributes that students build up in the never fibers.   Students learn techniques on how to manipulate their health and guide their minds into extraordinary ways of thinking with this form of  biophotons.  A new consciousness does emerge.

“Biologists have long been familiar with luminescence in organisms, where plants and animals produce visible light, but more intriguing perhaps is the newer field of study centered around biophotons, whereby cells in organisms produce photons, but in numbers that are too few to be seen. How they do so and why, is an area that has come under more scrutiny of late. Now, new research by Sergey Mayburov, of the Lebedev Institute of Physics in Moscow, has uncovered a pattern in photons being generated by cells in fish eggs that gives credence to the theory that some cells use biophotons to communicate.”  www.physics.org

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