Recently, the Phoenix Suns, a professional basketball team, purchased a cryo chamber and instituted it for daily use with the professional athletes that comprise that team.

The article, Suns Training Staff Unveils Cryo-Chamber,

as well as the NPR piece, “Cryotherapy: Why Pro Athletes Like It Chilly”,

highlight the healing properties and rejuvenation effects of the cryo chamber.

The cryo chamber, as noted in the above mentioned articles, is a chamber that simultaneously lowers the temperature of gases while pressurizing them, all the while with a person inside. As opposed to going into the details of how the chamber works, I want to point out to the students the correlations between what these elite, professional athletes are doing to and for their bodies and what we, elite and professional energy workers, are doing to ours.

Think about the specificity of the attribute “cool”; think about the advantage of knowing said range via the use of a temperature gun; think about incorporating these attributes into every aspect of your energy. Every form that goes through the body has a temperature component, one that you have mindfully set. The cylinder encased around your shell that you have diligently built over the years, piece by piece, also has the same temperature component. Not only have you created a” cryo chamber” of your own, but you also have the ability to run the energy thru your body via the screen, and create a constant healing cycle that allows your body, mind, and spirit to flourish as co creators instead of competing for resources.

This is just the tip of the Chi Energy Heals iceberg.

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