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The Search for Unique Energy Healing Schools

We know that the term energy work is a broad category that encompasses all areas of the supernatural experience.  Most people when they search the web about energy work use various search phrases to answer their questions; energy work, energy healing and energy classes are the normal keywords.  In addition, such as how to do an energy healing, how to learn energy healing, how to levitate and how to use the law of attraction are also used.

Earnest research of how to learn energy work can be a daunting hunt to weed through all the claims of extraordinary abilities.  Here is the short list of supernatural techniques that people try to learn: telekinesis, enhanced psychic abilities, levitation, mind control, direct and distant healing, bio-energy healing, quantum energy healing, Reiki, medical intuitive, chi energy and spiritual healing.

Here is an example below of what you should expect from an unique energy school.

The School of Chi Energy  is one of these unique energy healing schools that is taught “online”.  A unique School can offer training online since the exercises that students perform to build up the energy can be tuned into without physical presence to reach high levels.  Training with Instructors via email, phone or Skype is easy when you can tune into “energy” that has an actual form with attributes such as temperature and a good feeling. When you visit the School site you’ll find free seminars to download and live audios that explain the Chi Energy Method.  The School site is easy to navigate to learn more about the Chi Energy topic for healing and extreme abilities training, personal use or research.  The menu system guides you through each area of interest from articles on chi energy to videos and audios about the Rhine Center Experiment.  The Rhine Center Experiment is about how bio-photons or this bio-energy that our body’s are putting off, can be registered on a special type of machine. You’ll find access to view online or download the catalog of our School’s Curriculum.   The catalog shows you the kind of topics taught, with a class description.  There are also student audio and written testimonies from students describing what they are learning in school.

Most of the people that enroll in the School of Chi Energy, follow the School for awhile through the social medias such as Facebook, Google+ -and Twitter etc. or the blogs at  and  In these places, the School’s Sifus explain to the interested energy student how energy which they can physically feel already, can be made thousands of times stronger through the regular performance of our specially designed energy exercises.  Potential Chi Energy Students have a variety of sources to learn about the School’s Chi Energy Method.

After reading and listening to the articles and seminars, people come to find that Chi is bio-electricity which are biophotons a type of light with an electrical magnetic component to it.  The first year chi energy student first learns how electrically magnetic energy can become overtime by performing an energy exercise that builds up their entire nerve fiber system.  This method literally goes to the extreme abilities level and that is where the Sifus can really help a student to tune into these exercises in the right way, so that students can reach the higher abilities and avoid the bad side effects from doing things in the wrong way. If any problem would arise, the student either emails or calls the School via Skype or phone for an Instructor’s help.

As the student progresses into the 2nd year, they have learned to cool the energy they are building up to feel good, so when the energy is greatly increased by the much stronger energy exercises they will learn there, they’ll avoid overloading their nerve fibers with too much energy.  It’s about half way through the 2nd year of School, that students really start understanding the true potential of the method they are learning.  It will be near that point, when they start seeing themselves being able to do some of those things that seem impossible.

A lot of people think they want the information about Chi Energy Method put into one course, one book or video that they can buy to read, listen to, or view on there own time and where they can teach these kind of techniques to themselves.  One book or video isn’t going to get you that much better than you are now.  A lot of high level energy techniques are learned over a long period of time with lots of changes needed in order to perform them adequately.  The School of Chi Energy techniques are very powerful. Even the people that have come in for only 30 days and learned the basic energy exercises, run into problems, if they keep doing the exercises on their own without making the right kind of changes when the time comes to make them.

The School of Chi Energy knocks off decades of time over what you normally would have to put in time wise, when you do things on your own. This type of high level method is for the energy student that wants to see a steady progression to the highest professional level. Students can reach the pro level with the School in as little as three years. Look around with this criteria in mind that a professional level in any field of expertise requires study and training on a daily basis.  Anyone can take a course, however, the professional type of student looks for a course where they can receive individual attention. Before choosing an energy school or energy modality, make sure it answers all of these questions upfront before you join.

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