Becoming the Chi Healer

Open the Door to Becoming the Chi Healer

Advanced Healing Abilities and Techniques

The Chi Energy Method teaches you how to Buildup Very High Levels Bio-Energy in your Body in becoming the Chi Healer. By performing our Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern (in a seated position), you’ll increase your cellular voltage, metabolic rate and circulatory system to reach the professional levels in Advanced Healing Abilities & Techniques. Our students are taught how to become “Chi Builders” of Bio-Energy.  They learn to practice an easy to perform flow pattern that builds up their entire nerve fiber system.

Sifu Jones has a passion in teaching his Chi Energy Method. Perhaps you have this passion too, if you are:

  • A Chi Energy Person that already built up bioenergy looking for more buildup and application
  • A Bio Energy Person that has a professional business that wants to enhance services
  • A Person who desires to build real tangible bioenergy for health, healing others and reaching a deeper spiritual level

We have a place of learning and training in how to buildup bio-energy to very high levels and it’s use in practical application. This place is at “The School of Chi Energy”. These are monthly classes online with desired student feedback or mentoring sessions to accelerate learning.

Listen to Sifu Jones in How to Become the Chi Healer

You too can learn to buildup biophoton light into a specialized Bio-Form of tangible energy. As you practice, you’ll enjoy a clear mind, emotional stability and a lot of energy building up each day that you’ll learn to use in unique ways.  What you’ll discover as a student that it is our Tri-concept Formula that develops the Bio-Form into an incredible Buildup of Strong Good Feeling Energy that creates it’s Healing Power.

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