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Cultivating Chi Energy Forms at the School of Chi Energy is a method that students learn to build up high levels of energy using their body’s own entire nerve fiber system.  Chi Students practice a daily nerve fiber building energy exercise that engages the release of biophotons from the nerve fibers which then mold into a tangible “energy form”.  Students learn how to utilize these ‘energy forms’ with the transfer of a good feeling and cool temperature into the biophotons to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.  There are energy modalities that do teach a student how to move around their chi (liquid chi), but they do not teach this unique technique of actually forming the chi “into place”.

Ultimately, students learn how to cultivate their own body’s nerve fibers by performing the nerve fiber building exercise that releases biophotons.  They learn how to guide this type of energy into a tangible form for advanced abilities and healing.  What the student and instructor learns overtime as they keep building up the body’s nerve fibers, is that they become more and more sensitive to a tangible type of a pressure, density and mass made up of biophotons in a specialized form.

Students learn how to guide and transfer a good feeling and cool temperature into this type of energy form.  These types of attributes transferred into the biophotons are what create an advanced healing type of energy.  It is this type of formed energy that needs to be guided with precision and placement in a very relaxed easy way to perform the advance abilities and healing.

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Cultivating Chi Energy Forms

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  1. Where is your location or is the training all online? I would like to know more about this training.I am in the USA. near Chicago, IL

    • Hello Sheree,

      Thank you for your question.

      We are a four year online School that teaches high level energy build up and techniques. Please visit us at where you’ll find out all about the Chi Energy Method. You can download our School’s curriculum and our free seminars while finding out about the Chi Energy Training Program.

      You’ll find we are a Full Service Online Energy Healing School that provides monthly classes with training videos, mp3s and pdfs, along with email and\or phone\Skype support from certified Instructors to help students reach the professional levels at energy work.

      We look forward to your future questions about the School of Chi Energy.

      Have a great Chi Energy Day,
      Chi Energy Support (Janet)

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