Advancements in Energy Healing with the Chi Energy Method

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Advancements in Energy Healing with the Chi Energy Method


One of the most challenging aspects of an advanced energy healing method when building up the nerve fiber system that engages the release of biophotons, lies within temperature control. Keeping the energy cool is difficult for many of us, myself included. As our biophotons mold into a powerful energy healing form, it takes on more and more tangible pressure and density properties which then becomes even more critical to keep our energy cool and remain mindful of the temperature ranges.
Recently an article was brought to my attention regarding the scientific advancements proving the importance of keeping temperatures cool when dealing with quanta. The article Photonic machine gun for quantum computing compelled me to continue the investigation into the matter, and share my findings.  As Sifu Jones has said on numerous occasions, and as shown as evidence in the article above and my findings below, temperature plays a critical role in the development and propagation of electromagnetic phenomena, and, furthermore; it is only by keeping the temperature cool are we able to reach the highest thresholds of electromagnetic manipulation.

In “Photonic machine gun for quantum computing”, author Colin Barras writes: “At the heart of the gadget is a quantum dot – a nanoscale crystal within a semiconducting device – chilled to a low temperature. When a short, strong pulse of light hits the dot, one of the electrons inside is raised to an excited state. As it “relaxes” back to its resting energy state it throws out a photon.”

In her 2001 Ph.D. dissertation at Stanford University, “COHERENCE, CHARGING, AND SPIN EFFECTS IN QUANTUM DOTS AND POINT CONTACTS”, Sara Marie Cronenwett explains: “A quantum dot is a small puddle of electrons, typically 10’s to 1000’s. Electrons can enter and exit the dot through narrow constrictions which connect to large electron reservoirs. These constrictions are the quantum point contacts.” [An observant reader will notice the term “constriction” in the above definition of the quantum dot, and refer back to an article where I researched electrostriction and the creation of phonons. These concepts all interplay and build off of one another.]

When chilled to a low temperature, the quantum dot spews forth a photon – additional photons created through this method via the same quantum dot are entangled, meaning they have a singular existence and experience, sharing information regardless of which individual photon is acted upon.[Entanglement was a surprising discovery made by Dr. Emoto while studying the properties of water.]The information implications are staggering. As noted by Barras: “The current collection efficiencies might make detection of 20 to 30 entangled photons feasible, which would take us beyond what we can fit into the memory of a classical computer.” The implications for the cultivation of biophotons, as within this method of chi development, are equally as staggering. With the understanding that photons are effected by our intentions, as demonstrated by the classic “two slit” experiment in physics, we have the ability to affect the building blocks of  spacetime.

Furthermore, as common sense would dictate, the more biophotons we create, the larger our sphere of influence. These quanta carry information. Our thoughts, intentions, emotional content and expectations are all sources of information and carried along with the biophotons. A large number of entangle biophotons act as one entity; this is synergistic in effect. By keeping the energy cool [good feeling] we are better able to affect the space time fabric as we desire.This cooling of the energy naturally lends itself to entanglement, which works in our favor, especially when we are playing by the [win – win] rules.  Please keep all of this in mind as you continue with your Chi Energy Training.

As always, be well;
Be Mindful.
Don Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor]

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