Chi Energy Organ Balancing Energy exercise

Organ balancing exercises are just one of many different healing techniques that you learn at the School of Chi Energy.

Sifu Jones the Head Instructor at the School of Chi Energy father Herschel Jones, who is also a Chi Man and Commercial Artist, created and designed the Blue Chi Man Organ Poster back in the 1980s.  The Blue Chi Man Organ poster has been made available as generic download to anyone, who would like to use this poster.

At the School of Chi Energy Training, we teach our students how to cultivate and project Bioenergy in a Circular Method The circular way helps the student to build stronger nerve fibers.  One of our five minute sensitivity exercises use this Blue Man poster to teach the student how to balance their own organs. Students learn to use the energy in this way to keep their vital organs healthy.

If you would like to learn this simple two to five minute sensitivity exercise, click this link Chi Energy Organ Balancing  to download the blue man poster and organ balancing exercises.

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