Students Learn to bend metal with no side effects. 

They learn that chi & electricity act in the same way.  They both can be hot & destructive, but if you use your mind in the right way, you can learn to make your chi or bio-energy come out in a good feeling & cool way.  It simply takes time & practice for this to happen.

Our first year students like to bend metal in Year One Month Ten in the School of Chi Energy…

The purpose of this Year One one to two minute bioenergy exercise in bending metal is all about learning how to fine tune the Tri-concept.  The Tri-concept is our chi energy training method of a good feeling and a cool temperature that is transferred into an energy form.  They are learning a “higher level skill” of  finessing a a good feeling and cool temperature transferred into the metal.  Students that hone down the finesse of the Tri-concept with exterior objects can perform unique healing and extreme energy abilities.

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