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We know that the term energy work is a broad category that encompasses all areas of  supernatural experience. Most people when they search the web about energy work use various search phrases to answer their questions.  Energy work, energy healing, energy classes are the normal keywords in addition to keyword phrases such as how to do a energy healing, how to learn energy healing, how to levitate, how to use the law of attraction, just to start to name a few.

Earnest research of how to learn energy work can be a daunting hunt to weed through all the clams of extraordinary abilities.  Here is the short list of super-normal techniques: telekinesis, psychic, levitation, mind control, direct and distant healing, bio-energy healing, quantum energy healing, Reiki, medical intuitive, chi energy, spiritual healing or energy.

How would you search for a level of professionalism in Energy Training?  Here is an example below of what you should expect in your research.

“If you go to the School of Chi Energy and download the free seminars and free report, then go through each of the sliders information headings on the front web page, you will see we are well qualified in what we teach. Check out the Rhine Center Experiment on how bio-photons or this bio-energy that our body’s are putting off can be registered on a special type machine. Then check out the School’s Catalog of our Curriculum and you will see the kind of topics we teach, with a class description. Then, If you listen to the testimonies of some of our students and also check out some of their written ones, you will get a better understanding of what we are about.

Most of the people that become students with us, follow us for awhile on the School’s website, also through the social media & from our training blog.We show students how that energy which they can physically feel already, can be made thousands of times stronger through the regular performance of our specially designed energy exercises.

In the first month of school, students learn the first basic energy exercise that they will use during that first year of training to get their body use to the extra energy that it will start building up. If you don’t build that energy up in the right way, all sorts of bad things can happen. That is where we can really help a student to tune into these exercises in the right way, so that they can reach the areas we talk about and avoid the bad side effects from doing things in the wrong way. If any problem would arise, the student either emails or calls us via Skype or phone for help.

As you get into the 2nd year, students have learned to cool the energy they are building up and make things feel good, so when the energy is greatly increased by the much stronger energy exercises they will learn there, they won’t just overload right away. It’s about half way through the 2nd year that students really start understanding the true potential of the things we are teaching them. It is also when you start seeing yourself being able to do some of those things that seem impossible to you up until then.

A lot of people think they want the information we have about chi, put into one course, one book or video that they can buy to read, listen to, or view on there own time and where they can teach these kind of techniques to themselves; however, haven’t you been doing that kind of thing already,  and how good have you gotten from doing things that way? One book or video isn’t going to get you that much better than you are now. Our chi techniques are very powerful. Even the people that have come in for only 30 days and learn the basic energy exercises, run into problems, if they keep doing the exercises on their own without making the right kind of changes when the time comes to make them. We break down for the students in a step by step way, what they need to do in order to reach those higher levels.

Our School of Chi Energy knocks off decades of time over what you normally would have to put in time wise, when you do things on your own.  If you decided to join our school, you would see inside the school, our Instructors teaching students exactly how to do each type of ability, so yes, our Instructors know how to do these chi techniques. If we showed our Instructors performing extreme abilities on the website for everyone to see, we would attract the wrong kind of student, that would want to learn only those kind of things. We are much more interested in teaching people healing techniques that actually work, then we are extreme abilities. The extreme abilities that a person is able to reach learning high level energy techniques come about as a result of building up your nerve fibers over a period of time. It is actually somewhat of a side effect that you can move different things in that way

Students can reach the pro level with us in as little as three years or they can spend the majority of their life chasing the knowledge and the know how trying to do it on their own. We wish you the best in reaching your maximum potential doing energy work. Look around with this criteria in mind that a professional level in any field of expertise requires study and training on a daily basis.  Anyone can take a course however the professional looks for a course where they can also access individual attention.  This person is willing to be tutored while learning course material along with their daily practice.  Even a non professional energy worker can gain expertise with tutoring at beginning levels.  This guides them into beneficial habits which let’s them achieve higher performance levels.

The Two Sifus: With the above in mind when looking for energy training we like to help you answer any questions you may have in looking for a School.  There are all kinds of Energy Schools that meet different requirements.  Our School of Chi Energy is online interactive training method for the energy worker or enthusiast who seriously would like to learn energy work up to the professional level.

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