The Science of Levitation & Energy Healing Work

At the School of Chi Energy, students cultivate and build up biophotons from their body’s nerve fibers system to high levels. They learn these biophotons are a form of light with characteristics similar to electrical magnetic energy.  During their advanced year four of training, students learn what it takes to perform levitation but more importantly how to perform advanced energy technique abilities in healing.  The students learn how to transfer temperature into biophotons and the video below is an example of using temperature and photons to levitate an object.  Science is catching up with what was called an unknown force which is now becoming revealed.  Please refer to this article on The Mystery of the Chi has been Solved for more information on this topic.

“In a world where seeing is believing, one of the chief disadvantages of quantum physics is that it’s largely invisible. The wonderfully bizarre rules that allow a vanishingly small particle to exist in two places simultaneously, for instance, usually apply at scales too small to be seen by the naked eye. But not always. Here, physicist Boaz Almog of Israeli’s Tel Aviv University gives audience members of the 5th Annual World Science Festival Gala Celebration a rare macroscopic view of the magical properties of quantum mechanics. Sharing the stage with fellow physicist Brian Green, Almog conducts the first public demo in the U.S. of an ethereal phenomenon he calls quantum levitation, sending a thin, super-chilled wafer zipping around a circular track like a miniature flying saucer. He also freezes the wafer in mid-air, as though trapped in a vat of invisible glue. How? Watch as Greene explains.”

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