The First Year of Chi School

What are some of the most important chi energy techniques that a Chi Energy student develops in the First Year of School

The first year of Chi School students learn to perform a daily nerve fiber building process which builds up their nerve fibers to increasingly sensitive levels. This increases the body’s metabolism along with other physiological processes.  At the same time in the first year, students are also creating their first “Energy Form” with powerful healing attributes (when used all together called the Tri-concept).

The numerous techniques that are taught throughout the monthly classes instruct the student to a precision level.  Chi Students will learn to actually physically feel their “Energy Form“.  As your skill increases, others will be able to feel your projected chi in a physical way too.

As a Chi Energy Student performs the nerve fiber building exercise they can:

  • Overtime be able to raise and lower their own body’s temperature (by a minimum of 10 degrees). Temperature control is the beginning of how a student learns to effectively build high levels of energy with this type of method.
  • Transfer a good feeling and cool temperature to buildup a specialized healing form of energy that the practitioner will use to heal the body and mind and perform advanced chi energy abilities.  Once students are able to change their inside body temperature then this good feeling and cool healing energy can do the same for others.
  • Raise and lower their own blood pressure or the blood pressure of others. This also includes raising or lowering the heart rate.
  • Learn to use their healing energy form to change their emotional stability with releasing serotonin and other good feeling hormones throughout their body.  Students will literally learn how to change the hormonal flow of their body with using their energy form and others.

These are just some of the advance techniques in year one that the students will learn and perform.

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